Modern Movies

Topics: Sociology, Film, Entertainment Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Today, I would like to portray the advantages and disadvantages of modern movies that made huge effects on people. In general, we watch movies for relaxation from stress, entertainment, and learning or reinforcing one’s linguistic skills in relative languages. There are many advantages by watching a movie compared to disadvantages, in my opinion disadvantages depend upon a person’s perception. There are many types of movies. Some examples are horror, comedy, mystery, drama, action, science-fiction, and romance. Some movies are good in changing people minds by showing scenes of good attitude and effects. Some movies with bad effect change people’s ways. An example for a bad movie can be seen in crime movies where a man shoots his friend to death, so this the bad effect of the movie. This kind of case often happens in US. Many action, crime and thriller movies show brutal violence and weird things which influence someone’s mind. In these movies, there are extreme fights, bloods splashing and gushing, bullets flying around and even sex content which causes psychological effect in people’s mind. Many social scientists have shared their informal experiences and observation regarding the impact of movies that have been created. Movies especially modern movies have a hypnotic influence on most children and adults. They imitate the heroes and heroines. They indulge in day dreaming and fantasy and when it increases, children become unable to accept the hard realities of life. Apart from these, modern movies are getting more serious on creating fear, terror, sorrow and pathos. People end up suffering from hangover after watching the movie. Thus, modern movies have a dynamic influence on people which ultimately affects the society as a whole. There have been few studies on effects of violence and sex in specific movies on children and youth. Even though the movies are all filtered and rated so that people can choose before watching any movies, the problem now seem to be...
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