Alfred Hitchcock Essay

Topics: Film editing, Film director, Alfred Hitchcock Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: September 3, 2014
Alfred Hitchcock
It is said that a director’s main objective is to create films that capture their audience’s attention and one director who has defiantly demonstrated this in all his film is Alfred Hitchcock, using various film techniques and his very own cinematic style. Hitchcock fashioned himself a distinctive and recognisable style. The audience is encouraged to identify with the camera which moves in a way that is supposed to mimic a person's gaze, forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism. Hitchcock often framed shots to manipulate the audience’s feelings and to maximise anxiety, fear, or empathy, and he also used effective film editing techniques to exhibit the point of view of the characters. Many of Hitchcock's films have twisted endings and thrilling plots containing depictions of violence, murder, and crime, although many of the mysteries act only as decoys or "MacGuffins". Through his appearances in his own films, interviews, film trailers, and the television program ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’, he has become a cultural icon. In Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’ (1960) the opening credits itself already captures the audience’s attention. The word ‘Psycho’ appears on the screen being sliced and cut in sudden motions almost like a stabbing motion or knife actions which suggest murder. Also the music playing in the opening credits is very sharp and fast, which is accompanied by the visuals to create an anxious and tense mood. The opening credits are then followed by the opening scene which is a panning shot of Phoenix, Arizona on Friday the 11th at 2:45 pm. Having the date and time being shown highlights that something is out of place. The camera then begins to zoom into a window, forcing the audience to engage in a form of voyeurism. The audience is now focusing on two characters dressed in undergarments, which maybe suggests there is a secret physical relationship going on. Another scene where Hitchcock uses film techniques to represent his ideas...
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