PHL 458 Think Different Exercise

Topics: United States, Paul McCartney, Frank Lloyd Wright Pages: 4 (720 words) Published: April 20, 2015

Think Different Exercise
PHL 458
Andre Pereira, James McCarver, Joseph Andrews, Pember Gurkas April 13, 2015
Ashley Neal

Each person cited on this one-minute video change the world by using their thinking one way or the other. They were important to bring new ideas, politics, human rights, business, science and many more. As we enter on a new era, more creative thinkers, likes the one on the video will appear and the world will continue towards its progress. The Individuals

Alfred Hitchcock: An English film director and producer. Nicknamed “The Master of Suspense”, pioneered many techniques in suspense and thriller genres. Albert Einstein: Scientist and responsible for the theory of relativity. Amelia Earhart: First female to fly over the Atlantic Ocean

Bob Dylan: His songs help to aware the population about the civil rights. Buckminster Fuller: Famous Architect, designer, author of more than 30 books. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Leading civil rights between 1950’s and 60’s Frank Lloyd Wright: The creator of “organic architecture” which the purpose was to create a harmony between the humans and environment. Gandhi: Led India to independence, civil rights and freedom. (Without using violence) Jim Henson: Creator of the Muppets

John Lennon: A Peace and Human Rights leader that works along with Sir Paul McCartney on one of the most important music group of all times. Maria Callas: Well known opera singer of the 20th century.

Martha Graham: Inspired generations on Dance
Muhammad Ali: A Boxer, A champion, and well known for the values he practiced outside of the rings. Pablo Picasso: Responsible for the cubist movement, inventor of sculpture, collage and other important styles. Richard Branson: Founder of Virgin Group.

Ted Tuner: Founder of CNN
Thomas Edison: Inventor for the photography, motion picture and electric light bulb. Contributions Rooted to Creative Thinking
The seventeen (17) individuals that...
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