Agm of Bharti Oil Company

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Notice of the Annual General Meeting must be given 15 days in advance. The YJC Executive is responsible for giving notice of the AGM.

The agenda of the meeting
□ How Membership is defined/who can vote
□ The date, time and place of the meeting
□ By-law amendments or information on how to obtain a copy of by-law amendments □ Who can run for an Executive position (criteria might include: one year membership in good standing as a YJC volunteer; all Members standing for elections must not have acted in a way which could be deemed to have jeopardized the good reputation, interests or integrity of the YJC; residence in one of the membership communities of the YJC).

□ How to apply to the Executive to become a Member
□ How to run for an Executive position
□ Information on how to obtain definitions of Executive positions. Purpose of the Annual General Meeting:
􀂃 To provide an annual record of everything that has been done in the last year. 􀂃 New Committee members are appointed or elected. Roles and Responsibilities:
􀂃 The meeting is somewhat formal, with the Chair and the Secretary inviting members to submit any items for business to include on the agenda.
􀂃 It is up to the Chair and the Secretary to accept or reject any items of business for inclusion on the agenda.
􀂃 The Chairperson of the YJC facilitates the AGM. They should welcome members as they come in and make sure refreshments are provided.
􀂃 At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairperson is to explain who is eligible to vote, and that Members must register to receive a vote. The Chairperson is also to explain how voting is to be carried out and give a brief description of the structure of the Executive.

􀂃 The Secretary ensures that the agenda for the AGM is available for Members. They also...
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