Iron Triangles Assignment

Topics: United States Senate, Iron triangle, Bureaucracy Pages: 1 (208 words) Published: January 3, 2015
Iron Triangles Assignment
1. First, go here to get the definition for iron triangles. Rewrite this definition in your own words. 2. Then, go here to find out about committees in general. Once there, choose a committee of the 113th Congress from the House or from the Senate.

Go to the overview of the committee and type your responses to the following: 1. the name of the committee
2. the jurisdiction of the committee
2. the names of the chair and ranking minority person and what party they belong to 3. the proportion of Democrats to Republicans on the committee 4. look at the members of that committee: are there any particular groups of states being represented on that committee

5. which special interests are affected by that committee
6. which special interests have contributed financially to the elections of members of that committee.
7. which agencies (bureaucracy) are regulated by these committees 8. construct an iron triangle based on this information (choose a new committee if you can't do this with the committee you've chosen)

9. determine if there are interest groups that have conflicting goals affected by this committee
Submit your work to prior to 7:25am on Monday, 11/17.

Source: Jeffries, Jim. Iron Triangles (or Issue Networks). Congresslink. 5 January 2006 .


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