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United States Senate

Evaluate Augustus’ relations with the Senate. After a century of civil wars and wide-spread fear and chaos, a new and promising leader arose, who, despite his comparably humble origins was soon to be called Augustus, the revered one, by the Senators. This once, dominant body placed hope in this single man and bestowed numerable honours upon him, concentrating the power of patronage and promotion through which he eventually outranked all the other Senators in the state. By general consent of the Roman...

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Canadian Senate Debate

The Senate Debate Stephany Shenouda 130604690 PO110- Tutorial 5 Word Count: 1159 July 1st 1867 marks the date that Canada confederated into a nation dedicated to promote democracy. Canada would be governed by a Parliamentary system consisting of an upper and lower chamber of legislation. The House of Commons, being the lower chamber is made up of elected representatives from across the country, democratically voting upon...

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Expanding Gun Control Background Checks Has Not Passed Senate

compromise to expand background checks in the wake of stalled gun control legislation. The article addresses Senates need for more votes in order to pass the expansion of background checks. It addresses tactics used by several gun control groups in an effort to sway votes and also touches upon the opinions of the NRA. The issue is that in order to pass any legislation for gun control, the Senate needs 60 votes. The conclusion is that 54 Senators backed the Mancin-Toomey amendment while 46 opposed...

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Language in the United States

The United States of America. Adams was not successful in his endeavors. Congress has opposed having an official language since John Adams first approached them. At least once a year since 1981, Congress has rejected a bill making English the country’s official language. Even though congress has rejected a bill at least once a year requesting English as the official language, currently the United States of America is not among the countries with an official language. However, several states have...

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Battle for Olympus(Crises in Rivers State People's Democratic Party, Nigeria)

the state. The PDP has been our “Olympus” in Rivers State. Just like Olympus in Greek mythology, many have tried to wrest power from it, attacking with every means but the party has remained strong and domineering. But now, Olympus faces a “rift” that if not quelled will shake it very foundations. The beginning of this rift is known only by the actors themselves yet its flames are seen even as far as Abuja. The ‘rift’ is that between RT Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi (Governor, Rivers State and...

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Treaty of Versailles DBQ

Treaty of Versailles DBQ While Woodrow “Woody” Wilson was president of the United States, he managed to accomplish some unthinkable feats, such as fighting for the passage of the 19th Amendment (chartering women’s suffrage) and establishing order in the entropic territories such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic by dispatching US Marines in these places. However, due to weak judgement and intuition, as well as inexperience, “Woody,” made a feeble, manipulatable diplomat. During the Paris Peace...

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The Policy Process

Medicaid is a state funded program that covers uninsured low income women and teens with family planning, including prevention, screening, exams and tests. Under this policy is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or PDA. This act requires that the employer s insurance plan cover pregnancy related care with less co-pay. Medicaid is the main insurer to cover unwanted pregnancy in teens, Pregnancy in lower income women, today Medicaid accounts for 71% coverage, Federal Grants 16% and other state funds 13%...

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President Harding's life

of the United States. He was elected president in 1920 by an overwhelming vote in a postwar reaction against President Wilson's international policies. The first American president to take office after World War I, Harding was also the first president to be born after the Civil War. Harding himself felt that his administration would be remembered in history for the treaties negotiated following the Washington Conference he had called in 1921; at the conference the governments of the United States...

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The Great Fear

trial, and while many were killed in Salem, the Red Scare had blacklisted those persecuted. The leader of this modern day witch-hunt was Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, who was a dishonest and corrupt man. "Although a junior senator, he refused to follow Senate rules and customs, specialized in malicious attacks on his colleagues, and frequently thwarted committee work by trying to inject trivial and extraneous matters into committee discussions," Oakley says, describing McCarthy's ethics. McCarthy worked...

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Voices of Protest

Carnegie and Pullman were to blame for the financial woes of the United States. Long and Coughlin were successful in taking their arguments and beliefs to the American people in the 1930's. Huey Long was an energetic, passionate young man at a very young age. In fact, at the age of twenty he stated he planned to run for election. He said, "first to secondary stated office Louisiana, then for governor, then for United States Senator, and finally for president." He wrote in the New Orleans...

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