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United States Senate

PORTFOLIO ESSAY DUE: JUNE 6TH 2011 Teacher: Mr. Griem Should the Canadian Senate be left alone, reformed or abolished? By: Shakir M. Lakhani SECTION 4 Final Civics Essay June 6th, 2011 Shakir M. Lakhani Topic: Senate Reform Do you feel your government is fair? Does it manage the issues properly, with careful thought, and an open, objective mind? Is it effective? Do you feel that the Senate is a “sober chamber of second thought?” Do you feel that the best interests of the...

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Evaluate Augustus’ Relations with the Senate

Evaluate Augustus’ relations with the Senate. After a century of civil wars and wide-spread fear and chaos, a new and promising leader arose, who, despite his comparably humble origins was soon to be called Augustus, the revered one, by the Senators. This once, dominant body placed hope in this single man and bestowed numerable honours upon him, concentrating the power of patronage and promotion through which he eventually outranked all the other Senators in the state. By general consent of the Roman...

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Canadian Senate Debate

The Senate Debate Stephany Shenouda 130604690 PO110- Tutorial 5 Word Count: 1159 July 1st 1867 marks the date that Canada confederated into a nation dedicated to promote democracy. Canada would be governed by a Parliamentary system consisting of an upper and lower chamber of legislation. The House of Commons, being the lower chamber is made up of elected representatives from across the country, democratically voting upon...

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The Triple E Senate of Canada

The Triple E Senate of Canada Public interest in the Senate is currently stronger than it ever has been. Nearly everyone agrees that our present Senate is unsatisfactory. Political parties such as the New Democratic Party want the outright abolition of the Senate while others such as the Reform Party want to elect it. Since the Senate has not been considered an effective forum for regional representation- which was one of the reasons for its creation-many Canadians have wondered what...

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Language in the United States

The United States of America. Adams was not successful in his endeavors. Congress has opposed having an official language since John Adams first approached them. At least once a year since 1981, Congress has rejected a bill making English the country’s official language. Even though congress has rejected a bill at least once a year requesting English as the official language, currently the United States of America is not among the countries with an official language. However, several states have...

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Battle for Olympus(Crises in Rivers State People's Democratic Party, Nigeria)

the state. The PDP has been our “Olympus” in Rivers State. Just like Olympus in Greek mythology, many have tried to wrest power from it, attacking with every means but the party has remained strong and domineering. But now, Olympus faces a “rift” that if not quelled will shake it very foundations. The beginning of this rift is known only by the actors themselves yet its flames are seen even as far as Abuja. The ‘rift’ is that between RT Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi (Governor, Rivers State and...

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In the United States, the day is honored to commemorate the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. The day was honored for hundreds of years, but did not become a federal holiday until 1937 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it so after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus. Columbus Day is also considered to be a day that Italian-Americans celebrate their heritage. In the 18th century, Italian and Catholic communities held parades and religious ceremonies...

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The Great Fear

trial, and while many were killed in Salem, the Red Scare had blacklisted those persecuted. The leader of this modern day witch-hunt was Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, who was a dishonest and corrupt man. "Although a junior senator, he refused to follow Senate rules and customs, specialized in malicious attacks on his colleagues, and frequently thwarted committee work by trying to inject trivial and extraneous matters into committee discussions," Oakley says, describing McCarthy's ethics. McCarthy worked...

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Voices of Protest

Carnegie and Pullman were to blame for the financial woes of the United States. Long and Coughlin were successful in taking their arguments and beliefs to the American people in the 1930's. Huey Long was an energetic, passionate young man at a very young age. In fact, at the age of twenty he stated he planned to run for election. He said, "first to secondary stated office Louisiana, then for governor, then for United States Senator, and finally for president." He wrote in the New Orleans...

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President Harding's life

of the United States. He was elected president in 1920 by an overwhelming vote in a postwar reaction against President Wilson's international policies. The first American president to take office after World War I, Harding was also the first president to be born after the Civil War. Harding himself felt that his administration would be remembered in history for the treaties negotiated following the Washington Conference he had called in 1921; at the conference the governments of the United States...

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Jfk: His Life and Legacy

Massachusetts. His father, Joe, Sr., was a successful businessman with many political connections. Appointed by President Roosevelt, Joe, Sr., was given the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission and later the prestigious position of United States ambassador to Great Britain(Anderson 98). His mother, Rose, was a loving housewife and took young John on frequent trips around historic Boston learning about American revolutionary history. Both parents impressed on their children that their country...

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The Policy Process

Medicaid is a state funded program that covers uninsured low income women and teens with family planning, including prevention, screening, exams and tests. Under this policy is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or PDA. This act requires that the employer s insurance plan cover pregnancy related care with less co-pay. Medicaid is the main insurer to cover unwanted pregnancy in teens, Pregnancy in lower income women, today Medicaid accounts for 71% coverage, Federal Grants 16% and other state funds 13%...

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How Jeanne Shaheen Became A Senator

Jeanne Shaheen is one of two U.S. Senators from the state of New Hampshire. Starting as a campaign manager, Shaheen worked her way up to become the first female governor and the first female senator for NH. Ideologically, she classifies herself as a moderate Democrat and hopes to be an advocate for the middle class and for small businesses. Coming from a relatively historic Republican territory, Senator Shaheen must carefully shape her political agenda to fit the needs of her constituency, recognize...

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do whatever the luitenent governor wants you to do Lieutenant Governor appoints all Senate committees and permanent subcommittees: -Total membership -Chairs and vice chairs -He rewards friends and supporters as well as punishes opponents (most qualified are not getting the chance) Chairs of standing committees appoint subcommittee membership Types of Committees in 82nd Legislature * Senate * Total of 27 committees (including Finance and subcommittees) House Committees ...

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First Philippic Against Marcus

coming before the Senate is to drive them to the realization that Marcus Antonius and his actions are slowly breaking down the unity of the country. He praises Marcus Antonius for his fine speech, intentions, and promises, then points out the fallacies and unconstitutionality of Marcus Antonius’ actions. He reminds the Senators that “Nothing was done any longer through the Senate…” because measures were being passed without declaration or consent. The Senate and Caesar’s...

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Putting everything together, we have P (A ∪ B) = P (A) + P (B) − P (A ∩ B) = 2 1 1 11 + = = . 3 2 4 12 10. For a bill to come before the president of the United States, it must be passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Assume that, of the bills presented to these two bodies, 60 percent pass the House, 80 percent pass the Senate, and 90 percent pass at least one of the two. Calculate the probability that the next bill presented to the two groups will come before the president. We...

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Tiberius Gracchus

Through this, we are able to see he aroused the poor, for everyone to feel their pain and their desperate situation. From this, many people agreed to help. From this, Tiberius motive was from “ his utter despair at witnessing.. The wretched physical state of the land.. And the plight of the peasants.” (J.M. Riddle (ed.): 31 Inspired by more self-interested political motives * It was alleged by some, that Gracchus had deposed the other tribunes (A guess based on their invisibility) [It was...

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Analysis of a Legislative Bill Related to Nursing Practice

an Act Relative to Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse, and Addiction http://www.malegislature.gov/Bills/Senate/S2125 Level: State Originally on 11/17/11 Senator Richard Moore presented bill S2072 to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. On 1/30/12 changed to bill S2122. And Senator Steven Brewer sent to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. On 1/31/12 as bill S2115 it was sent to the Senate Committee of Ethics and Rules. This was sent to the House Ways and Means Committee and combined with bill...

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Spratly Islands

the crew and immobilize the ship, if need be. This authority takes effect in 2013. The Chinese foreign ministry said it has the right to enforce its own coastal boarder defense. China is already acting as if they own our shoal. The Claims In the United Nation's convention of the Laws of the Seas held in 1994, 120 nations signed an accord agreeing that waters within 200 nautical miles from the shores of a particular nation forms part of the said nation's domain. The Philippines is a signatory to...

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agrees. Smith is now the new senator, taking over Foley’s term. Although in the movies this event happens in a short time, but in reality it takes a bit longer to appoint someone because the governor has to find the right person that will represent the state very well. As mentioned before in the last paragraph, Taylor had some plans up his sleeve. He approved Smith because he knew that he wouldn’t cause any trouble within the political world. This is because Taylor was trying to get his proposed...

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Public Administration in the Movies WORD

face multiple challenges that would detract a more normal man, but not either of these characters. Jefferson Smith is, as mentioned before, very idealistic and rather naive when he first is appointed by a corrupt governor to become a member of the Senate. He is hand-picked for these exact qualities, as the current political machine- run by the powerful Jim Taylor- wants a puppet that it can control for its own profit. This, as the machine comes to quickly realize, is not Jefferson Smith. Smith’s idealism...

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Cicero's Speeches

similar situations in the past; making them fear Catiline, connecting their situation to real life examples, and making it seem that his plans are known by everyone. With these tactics and others, Cicero effectively tries to stir the members of the senate against Catiline. Cicero opens his speech by reminding the senators of what other high officials have done in the past. He begins with, "What? Did not that most illustrious man, Publius Scipio, the Pontifex Maximus, in his capacity of a private...

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Enron Eassy

of having such a talented CEO and CFO as Jeffery Skilling and Andrew Fastow, It was unusual for a traditional energy company to invent so many innovative financial products and services and fancy business models. After the legal investigation, the Senate found that Skilling had used accounting loopholes (Mark-to-market accounting), special purpose entities, and poor financial reportings to hide billions of debt, which allowed Enron to sustain a mechanical enlargement of its business scale for more...

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demonstrating effective leadership

Representative Sparks who was over the Parks and Tourism Committee in the state legislature found a blog in which one bus driver said “they very nicely give us complimentary food and drinks if we haven’t eaten dinner”. This was a problem because it was against state rules for any state employee to receive anything complimentary. Case Study 34 Summary Complimentary Soda Drinks for Bus Drivers is about a new outdoor Amphitheatre at a state park that had been very successful since it opened. The success...

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Stolen Lives

The high rate of underage marriage is generally attributed to economic reasons and largely takes place in Middle Eastern countries or rural areas of third world countries. This week’s news that the Nigerian senate reversed a vote that appeared to outlaw underage marriage despite a senate policy that prohibits repeat votes on clauses was not only outrageous but disturbing and injudicious. The calamity of abject poverty, sheer ignorance, sordid influence, appalling desire and absolute disregard...

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The Best of the Worst: Caligula & Nero

due to their overwhelming insecurities. To appease their insecurity, both men must assert themselves superior to their predecessors rather than honoring them. To achieve this, Caligula and Nero violate the precedence of Augustus by disrespecting the Senate and pursuing a civil policy defined by cruelty and corruption. Suetonius decorates the memorials of Caligula and Nero with an evident display of their arrogance, extensively detailing many prideful stories of both regimes. In regards to Caligula...

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The Tea Party Last Stand

It’s about absolutely nothing, at least where substance is concerned. Moreover, Paul and his friends need to explain why, if they are so devoted to “negotiation,” they didn’t negotiate long ago. Why did they relentlessly block negotiations over a Senate Democratic budget whose passage, according to a now-discarded pile of press releases, they once made a condition for discussions? Only now can we fully grasp that politics on the right has been driven less by issues than by a series of gestures...

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Summary of Jfk's Profiles in Courage

to set aside the slavery issue for more pressing matters, such as tariff reform. In the end, Webster resigned from the Senate and because the Secretary of State under Fillmore. Thomas Hart Benton was a Senator from Missouri who was deeply opposed to the introduction of slavery into new territories. Although Benton himself was a slave owner, and Missouri was a slave-owning state, Benton strongly opposed slavery introduction because he believe it would inhibit Westward expansion. John C. Calhoun resolved...

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Awareness on cybercrime prevention act

information about different aspects of life. It aids us from almost all of our problems but in the modern days, it also causes social and moral problems like bullying, promoting obscene materials and hacking someones identity or property, hence making the senate introduce a new law termed the Cybercrime Prevention Act. Statement of the Problem The study was conducted to determine the relevance of Cybercrime Prevention Act among the High School Students of Jose Maria College. Specifically this study sought...

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Warning Juilus Caesar of the Ides of March

William Scott 1st Period Dear Mr. Caesar, It’s come to my attention that you’ve got a meeting on the 15th of March, with the senate, at the capitol. I’m here to warn you that you shouldn’t attend this crowning. You cannot trust the people around you; these men you call friends are not here to help you, but to hurt you. They want to see you fall and lose all power. Ultimately they want to see you dead. They have schemed upon how to go through with your murder. Caesar my lord you cannot continue...

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Should the Senate Filibuster be Abolished? Sanggalih Kusumo Political Science 150 Dr. M. Mosleh 10 December 2012 Introduction and statement of research problem: Filibuster is a term that the senate uses to its advantage and has been abusively used ever since it was made till now. But what exactly does the word filibuster mean? What a filibuster is, it allows a senate to talk for as long as they possibly can so that a bill will not be passed. Senate Strom Thurmond was the one who filibustered...

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Jp Morgan Loss (London Whale)

Essay Plan Intro: how Dimon reacted when the senate was trying to pursue greater capital markets.(When, How, Why?) – His changed reaction after the announcement that JPM has lost by betting on a thinly slice of derivatives markets. – Reasons for the loss – Was it reasonable loss or not? Body 1: Dimon’s depend Body2: – Hedging? Seems more like a prop trading (London Whale tally) Body3: -- violation of Volcker Rule, meaning that the bank loan was excessive Body4: other regulations were to blame...

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Coriolanus: a Tragic Hero That Stands Alone

also in this scene that we are introduced to Menenius, who like Coriolanus has the same thoughts opinions of the common people, but is more politically savvy. Menenius talks to the people and explains to them how they are the body of Rome and the Senate is the belly and only if we work together will Rome survive. This, I think, triggers an emotion in Coriolanus, who does not think very highly of the common people, basically has an angry outburst and calls them savage beasts. This can be shown in...

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Populist and Progressives: a Comparison

rungs of the social ladder they were often taken advantage of. Many of the Populist’s ideals and goals, radical then, have worked their way into common nowaday laws. The Populists wanted the election of US senators by direct election. Meaning the state legislatures could not elect senators with patronage. They urged for a secret ballet, so employers could not force workers to vote for a specific nominee. They wanted to destroy national banks. They sought for the government ownership of railroads...

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

and there is the idea that she too was once herself, bright-eyed and an idealist. There is also the unlikely hero portrayed in the “Junior Senator” whom everyone in the Senate has jeers at when he stands his ground and there are distance shots of him as he slowly fades in health and stamina as he tries to filibuster the Senate by talking non-stop until the Senators relinquish their efforts to build the damn or time to consider the bill dies. The setting is one of the most effective tools...

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Sculpturing the Earth’s Surface

(“Why Do Landslides Happen?”, 2011). Even though landslides happen all the time in Western Oregon, the awareness of the hazards landslides can cause are very low. The Oregon legislature adopted Senate Bill 12 in an attempt to promote awareness of the dangers associated with landslides. The goal of Senate Bill 12 is to save lives and reduce future landslide losses. An important step towards achieving this goal is to use a digital hazard map that shows the locations that are at a high risk for rapidly...

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Dianne Feinstein Views and Policies

Student ID: 7911 Senate Judiciary Committee Paper: Dianne Feinstein & Deval Patrick The United States senior Senator for California, Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, is an independent strong woman who has fabricated authority in attempt to join Republican and Democrats to find a common balance on issues that California and the United States endure. Dianne Feinstein is a registered Democrat who was born in San Francisco on June 22, 1933. Feinstein worked in city government until she was...

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The United States Democratic Party History

The United States Democratic Party History The Democratic Party is one of the oldest and biggest party in the United States. The other one is the Republican Party. Every four years the party holds a National Convention where they pick one from their party to be the next candidate for the presidency. The last Convention took place in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012 where Barack Obama was nominated for President and Joe Biden was nominated for Vice President, and as we all know that turned out...

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Mitch McConnell

 Honors NSL Government Mitch McConnell Background and Beliefs Analysis Background: Mitch McConnell who is now the Republican Leader of the Senate was born in Sheffield, Alabama and raised in Louisville, Kentucky in a Baptist household. He attended the University of Louisville and graduated with honors earning a Bachelors Arts degree in political science. He then earned masters at the University Of Kentucky College Of Law. Before the start of his early political career he served 6 months...

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Pestle United States

PESTLE UNITED STATES POLITIC: 1) High unemployment and slow growth are still the dominant features of the US economy. Growth during 2011 has been at a very slow pace. While there has been real, if modest job growth in each of the last five months, much of the drop in the official unemployment rate is due to unemployed workers giving up looking for jobs. * 9.1% (2011 est.) 2) Voters in North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment effectively banning same-sex marriage...

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Choosing The Secretary Of State

is family, work and service.” (Hendricks, Clinton). These are the words of our current Secretary of State of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton. Her position holds a significant amount of importance, which makes her very influential. This is mostly because her position deals with foreign policy and is also considered the highest position in the presidential cabinet. Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has succeeded in accomplishing many achievements throughout her life and also holding...

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United States Constitution and Congress

The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States of America, consisting of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are 535 total members in congress. The framers viewed the legislative branch as the most powerful branch. When congress meets its called a session and this happens once a year. We got the bicameral legislature from the great compromise. The United States House of Representatives is one of the two houses of...

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Congress Paper

SENATE SIMULATION   This Senate simulation will place students in the role of a senator. The main goal of this simulation is to pass various bills and get the President to sign them into law. The process in which a bill becomes a law is complex. Partisanship and clashing ideologies and egos do not make the process smooth. We will try to examine the most vital aspects of the process. This Senate Simulation will be divided into 5 parts:   1.) Bill Writing Committee- Groups of 3-6 will research...

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A General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States

 A General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States Research Class 16th August 2012 Outline I. Introduction Thesis statement: It is known to most that Western countries are on the rule of parliamentary democracy. We also know that Western countries inherited their political system from the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially the Roman political system. It has shaped western parliamentary system...

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Sample Annotated Bibliography

taking to crackdown on welfare fraud. It provides statistics and facts that will support my argument. This article supports my thesis and provides ground evidence that supports my overall argument. The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in the U.S. state of Minnesota and is published seven days each week. It is a reliable source because the articles are approved by various experts. Shelley Stark and Jodie Levin-Epstein (1999, February). Excluded Children: Family Cap in a New Era. Retrieved October...

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Biochip Technology

has a reputable source of sponsors, including Verichip. Verichip has recently been approved in the United States, for the implantation of Biochip devices in humans. This is a free website. Downloads of publications are available to the general public, and anyone interested in the future of our advancing world. Grassley, Chuck. Senator. "Social Security Numbers And Identity Theft." Senate Finance. Subcommittee on Social Security and Family Policy. Congressional Testimony. Washington, D.C...

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The 10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam

amount to PHP 728 million and PHP 1.1 billion released in 3 February 2004 and 11 February 2004 respectively were allegedly misused and utilized to finance Arroyo's campaign before the May 2004 Presidential Elections. Napoles was even summoned to a Senate blue ribbon committee hearing in 2008 to talk about the scam. However, no charges were officially filed against her. Merlina Pablo Sunas, an employee of Napoles whom she had appointed as president of a bogus non-government organization called People's...

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Leaders in the States' Rights Debate

everything very organized, and after his election to Congress in 1808 he immediately became a leader of the "war hawks." He became a State Representative in 1808 and in 1811 was elected United States Representative until 1817. From there he served as Secretary of War for President Monroe until 1825. Things heated up in the early 1830s over federal tariffs: Calhoun said that states could veto federal laws, earning him the nickname of "Arch Nullifier," and Jackson threatened to use the army if South Carolina...

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Judicial Affidavit Rule: Three Reforms to Speed Up Justice

but “clarificatory questions,” when needed, may be asked by the prosecutors, not by the opposing counsels. The result is a much faster disposition of cases. Trial court vacancies. Sen. Franklin Drilon discovered, during a recent hearing of the Senate committee on finance he heads, that 591 trial courts, or about 26 percent of all “organized” trial courts, are vacant. No wonder case congestion and delays plague the system, he concluded. He observed that these vacancies were funded in the national...

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Individual case study

be ineffective? According to Ciulla (2012) stated that “the distinction between ethics and effectiveness is not always a crisp one.” The Senate Majority leader, Senator Trent Lott was announced the racial comments in public. But some of his American African constituents said that as long as Lott can use his power and influence to being jobs and money to the state, regardless his racist belief, they would vote for Lott again. In the other words, as if Lott gets his job done, people do not care about...

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United States Constitution and Treaty Ratification

passing a bill). United Kingdom[edit] In the UK, treaty ratification was a Royal Prerogative, exercised by Her Majesty on the advice of her Government. But, by a convention called the Ponsonby Rule, treaties were usually placed before parliament for 21 days before ratification. This was put onto a statutory footing by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010. United States[edit] In the US, the treaty power is a coordinated effort between the Executive branch and the Senate. The President...

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Becoming a Health Policy Analyst

ownership interests in health care facilities should continue to adhere to the highest standards of quality and appropriateness of care without overutilization for financial gain. During my research, I found a transcript from a hearing by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. It’s entitled “Physician owned Specialty Hospitals: Profits before Patients?” It’s date May 6, 2006, and provides the opening statement by Senator Chuck Grassley (TheHill.com). In the statement he noted recent oversight work...

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President of the United States and United States Constitution

document did a better job of fulfilling the ideals of the American Revolution: the Articles of Confederation or the United States Constitution? The United States Constitution better represented and fulfilled the ideals of the American Revolution then the Articles of Confederation. Democracy and rights were all earned in the Revolutionary war and were enforced by the United States Constitution. Freedom is given to all free citizens in the country through the Bill of Rights. Government is divided...

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Changing The Tradition Of The Senate Filibuster

Changing the Tradition of the Senate Filibuster There is a long-standing tradition that sets the U.S. Senate apart from all other government institutions, the filibuster. The term “filibuster,” from Dutch origins, became popular in the 1850’s when it became attributed to efforts by Senators to hold the Senate floor in order to prevent the vote on a bill (U.S. Senate). Since then, unlimited debate has continued to characterize the Senate and allow any senator the right to speak endlessly. As of...

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Mccarthyism and the Crucible

McCarthyism and the Salem Witch trials. Mrs. Tolins March 2, 2013 During the 1950’s McCarthyism arose as paranoia about communism in the United States. McCarthyism named after Senator Joseph McCarthy is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means "the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative...

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Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

Article review Weisman, J. (2013). Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/18/us/politics/senate-obama-gun-control.html?_r=1& Jonathan Weisman, author of the article, studied journalism and African History at Northwestern University. Weisman’s professional career includes time at Education Week, CQ, USA Today,...

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Georgia State Patrol Trooper

The Georgia State Patrol Trooper is considered to be the premier uniformed law enforcement job in the State of Georgia. It should be noted that although the Georgia State Patrol is small, this state law enforcement organization is considered to be highly professional. Compared to most other states nationally the State Troopers are the lowest paid? Unfortunately this impacts retention, but moreover morale. Most Trooper Cadets are more status conscious than money conscious. The State of Georgia...

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Barack Obama State of the Union Critique

President Barack Obama State of the Union Address Critique The leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, addressed Congress and the fellow citizens of the United States of America on the current State of the Union. The President enlightened America on multiple issues concerning the economy, education, jobs, foreign affairs and more. The speech given on the night of January 27th 2010 attracted over 48 million television viewers. Strong attitudes and opinions were exemplified immediately...

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compare and contrast

objects importation. Two authors explains these two aspects respectively. Chitra Divakaruni states her point that “it is easy for us in America to make the error of evaluating situations in the rest of the world as though they were happening in this country and propose solutions that make excellent sense -- in the context of our society” (Divakaruni 443)”, and Marie Javdani points that “The United States should reduce demand by dramatically increasing both treatment and education” (Javdani 450)....

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World War Ii Dbq

The United States had entered World War I against many wishes of the American public, which made the ratification for the peace agreement an even more difficult task. Woodrow Wilson justified American involvement by claiming that an Ally victory would ensure a new world order. The war would be used as an instrument to "make the world safe for democracy". However, many Americans, government officials, and even the Allies did not agree with the progressive ideals that would be enforced to attain...

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