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Voting helps shape your community! I voted yesterday to have my tax dollars help support the local science museum here. Earlier this year, I participated in a petition campaign to put our local government's spending to a vote. They were passing a indebt to my grandchildren to pay for this year's renovations of the government office buildings downtown without giving us a say in it. We got enough signatures to allow for a vote and We The People of my little city voted it down. To make changes...

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The importance of voting

Why Should We Vote Voting in India is a Constitutional right if one is a citizen over 18 years of age. However, that also makes it optional. It has been a tendency among voters, especially in the urban areas, to treat the voting day as a day of rest. While skipping the vote may not seem to cause any harm,the long-term consequences are disastrous. Here's why every citizen of India must cast his or her vote: Agent of change: Voting is the agent of change. If the people of India think...

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Factors affecting voting behaviour

Assessment on factors affecting voting behaviour being more important than others in the UK. By Maryam Ishaq The UK is a largely populated place with many people who are opinionated in politics, so, voting is important to many people as they get their say in who should run the country, however, many factors influence and affect the voting behaviour of the UK voting participates. The following essay intends to discuss what factors, affecting voting behaviour, is more important that the others...

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Voting Age In The USA

 Voting age in the USA Student’s Name Institution Abstract Voting is a fundamental process that allows for a legal citizen to express his or her opinion on different issues. These issues are mostly political but not necessarily. The legal voting age in the US is 18years. The notion as to whether the voting age should be lowered or not has been faced with a lot of contention. Some young American citizens feel that, it is their right regardless of their age to vote. They pay taxes just like...

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Arguments Against Mandatory Voting

Voting should not be compulsory in Australia” Popular participation is often cited as one of the fundamental principles of democracy. The right to vote being a freedom that has, and continues to be, sought after by people all over the world. Despite the value of many political systems’ movement toward universal suffrage, the few countries that have confused the right to vote, with a requirement to, have arguably deteriorated the significance of this achievement. Australia is part of a considerable...

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Importance of Voting Essay

The Importance of Voting With the Long Lines, the stressful waiting, and the constant question of asking yourself “why am I here?” on going in your head makes the waiting to vote the most exciting thing ever. But wait aside of that, think for a second. This year there were people going to vote even when hurricane sandy hit parts of their neighborhood, destroyed their houses or flooded several ways for them to get to their voting station, but they still voted. They’re is people who went to...

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Lowering the Voting Age to 16

Analysis' of Articles on the Subject of Lowering the Voting Age to 16 A debate that has seemed to become more popular in the past couple of years is the voting age n the United States, and whether it should be lowered to 16. Many teenagers across the nation have reached out and tried to bigot to help get the subject some attention and get those in the political world talking. Many others, mostly adults, are astonished and appalled at this idea, and don't seem to take them or the uproar towards...

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Representative Democracy and Voting

Democracy and Voting Introduction: Voting has a characteristic of a democracy, as seen within the Constitution of South Africa. Voting allows and gives people the power to decide who they want to represent them in Government, as this body would make decisions which would be to the benefit of the country. Society, votes in order to bring about change, which would benefit the people and the country, physically, economically and socially. This shows that civil society has the power to elect a particular...

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Southern Voting Behavior Since the 1960s

as the Southern blacks have typically (when they have been able to vote) voted for the more liberal party or candidate. The South was at one time a Democratic stronghold and has in the past 30 years become a typically conservative voting electorate. This tendency of voting by race for the liberal or conservative candidate has been a continuing occurrence. Southern turn out for elections has been significantly lower than the rest of the nation as well over the same time period. This bias of the past...

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Voting System

Proposed Title: Computerized Supreme Student Council S Voting System of Isabela National High School-Ilagan Campus Chapter I Introduction Through the use of technology, the economy of the country is moving forward. Nowadays, most people are using computers to make their work easier and faster. Most jobs in the country involve use of computers because of their importance in the society. It is used to store, protect, process, transmit, manage and retrieve information. This implies that...

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The Importance of Elections as a Linkage Institution and Voting

14 October 2012 American Politics Midterm Exam Question 3 The Importance of Elections as a Linkage Institution and Voting Linkage institutions can be defined as institutions that connect citizens with the government. Examples of linkage institutions include elections, political parties, interest groups, and the media. Elections specifically are supposed to encourage public participation in the selection of governmental officials. Unfortunately, low voter turnout has proved that elections are...

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Mandatory Voting

The idea of mandatory voting during U.S. elections is a much-debated topic in the United States. Making voting mandatory for all citizens, is debated to be something that could be either positive or negative. Both sides of the issue have their reasons why mandatory-voting laws should or should not be passed. Those who believe that mandatory voting should become a law believe that it will bring the number of voters on Election Day to increase. With voter participation rates falling below...

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'Assess the significance of region, race and religion as factors explaining voting behaviour.'

When attemting to explain voting behaviour, there are many factors which can be considered as to why a person may vote either Democrat or Republican, particuarly with the USA being so vastly diverse. This can make it harder to predict voting behaviour, however when looking at significant factors such as region, race and religion trends can definitely be seen in core voters, something of which the two major parties can often rely on. The USA has always been a melting pot of immigrant groups...

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Election and Mobile Voting

over the world are implementing computerized voting system for it has some striking advantages over traditional paper voting. Designing an air-tight and reliable computerized voting system is therefore a great task, in that, the system that must be developed must protect the privacy of the voters and electoral candidates, be easily understood and used by the entire voting populace - no matter who they are or where they come from. This project MOBILE VOTING SYSTEM is designed to allow users spontaneously...

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Compulsory Voting

Final paper 16.5.2013 Compulsory Voting 1 Topic of the paper Democracy is built on freedom to vote and have your political say, but the majority of people in the world’s ‘greatest’ democracies never vote at all. Is compulsory participation in the political system the answer? Investigate countries which make voting compulsory – weigh the advantages and disadvantages – then argue for or against this policy. Abstract Compulsory voting solves the problem of low political participation...

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voting system

Voting Election System With Barcode For ACLC College Prepared by: Jeric F. Baustista Marie Kris S. de Guzman Joy M. Joson I. Introduction I.1. Background of the Study The AMA Computer Learning Center was established in 1986 as an extension center of AMA Computer College. It was organized to provide educational opportunities for Filipinos who are not financially capable to enroll in a four- year degree program. ACLC began as a school specifically offering short courses...

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To What Extent Is Voting Behaviour a Rational and Issue Based Activity in Trinidad.

Subject: GOVT 2052- Issues In Government and Politics of the Caribbean Question: To what extent is voting behaviour a rational and issue based activity in Trinidad. Answer: INTRODUCTION: The study of Voting Behaviour is of fundamental importance to students of Politics. This is due to the fact that it is: a) The most widespread and quantifiable form of political behaviour. b) A rich source of information about the interaction between individuals, society and Politics. c) An important...

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Sms Based Voting System

trusted elections. This paper develops an SMS Based Voting System that can be used in conducting a trustworthy, secure and robust election. This will allow a fully automated SMS Based Voting System where electoral vote counts are done instantly by the end of Election Day. The design requires the use of a national SIM card module during the electoral process. Using the design for a typical election scenario, the evaluation results show a Voting System that can be used for efficient processing and...

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Voting System

Voting System for the IT department _____________________________________ A Project Paper Presented to the Faculty of the College of Information Technology ______________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course in System Analysis and Design with Software Project (ACT Project) _____________________________________ By: Nico Alvin R. Acero Mary Queen S. Octaviano Chuck Lester D. Dadivas Mark Hechanova Psyraine B. Sontillano March 2013 ...

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Language Analysis - Should the Voting Age in Australia Be Lowered to 16?

Language Analysis - Should the voting age in Australia be lowered to 16? A debate has surfaced regarding the legal voting ages in Australia as to whether the voting age should be lowered to the age of 16. In response to this issue, Melissa Young, a 17-year-old girl, contends that the voting age should be lowered to 16 in her post on the website, youngpeopleunite.com. She conveys her message in an easy-going, colloquial manner but simultaneously presents her argument logically and systematically...

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Voting and Mobile Phones

ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM VIA SMS CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF STUDY Here in the Philippines, people vote through traditional way, particularly writing by hand the names of their chosen candidates in an ordinary piece of paper. It has always been a burden to the public school teachers who serve as poll watchers to do the counting of votes which took for days to be done manually. In the other hand, various ways of voting system collide. Such as Universities and Colleges who are conducting their search...

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Suffrage: Elections and Absentee Voting

is applied to an election at which any proposed amendment to, or revision of, the Constitution is submitted to the people for their ratification. 2. A referendum is the submission of a law passed by the national or local legislative body to the voting citizens for their ratification or rejection. Power of referendum is the right reserved to the people to adopt or reject any act or measure which had been passed by a legislative body, which would become a law without action on the part of the electors...

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Consider the Extent to Which Short-Term Factors Are Now Far More Important Than Long-Term Factors in Shaping Voting Behaviour.

There has been a significant decline since the post war consensus in the influence of social factors such as class and partisanship on voting behaviour. Class lines have become blurred from increased affluence, improved education and changes in the Labour market such as the formation of a ‘new working class’; resulting in the centralisation of the main political parties to become ‘catch-all’ parties, adapting their policies for short-term gain and effectively putting an end to the relevance of party...

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Problems with Voting

Why Voting is never Completely Accurate!! Statement of the Problem There are several problems when it comes to elections. One of the problems is whether the candidates played fairly throughout the election. Another problem is whether the votes that are being cast are being counted correctly or even being counted at all. The main reason this topic has become such an important issue is because of the last two elections. The first election had a problem in the state of Florida, and the 2004 elections...

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Voting Age 16

VOTING AT 16? Neglected for a generation, a troublesome political question is back : when should young people be able to vote for candidates in elections? Conservative peer Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall recently tabled a Private Members Bill in the Lords. It proposed a voting age of 16. And this week, for the first time, a national coalition has been launched at the Houses of Parliament. The Votes at 16 Campaign is backed by a wide range of groups – from the National Black Youth Forum and...

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Voting System

THE DEVELOPMENT OF OFFICER’S VOTING SYSTEM FOR CHRISTIAN GRACE SCHOOL OF CAVITE AT GENERAL MARIANO ALVAREZ, CAVITE ____________ A Project Proposal Presented to the Faculty of College of Computer Studies University of Perpetual Help System GMA, Cavite ___________ In partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Subject System and Analysis and Design by Florencio J. Maca Jr. October 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE…………………………………………………………………. 1 ...

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E-Voting System

Introduction Many of us have dealt with electronic commerce transactions. This is already a part of everyday life. However, e-voting is not yet an obvious method for voting. The construction of electronic voting system is one of the most challenging security-critical tasks, because of the need for finding a trade-off between many seemingly contradictory security requirements like privacy vs. auditability. Thereby it is difficult to adopt ordinary mechanisms of e-commerce. For example, in e-commerce...

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Should the Voting Age Be Reduced?

Tiffany Gallt Ms. Wing English 12 15 December 2012 Voting Age: Should it be reduced? The very idea of America is freedom and opportunity for everybody. Amongst these is the most valued legal right within a democracy: the right to vote. However, an unfortunate reality is that the majority of the people ages 16-17 cannot ("Age and Sex Composition in the United States: 2011"). With the ever falling number of participants in political votes due to the event of the generation of the baby boomers dying...

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Is Voting for Young People

Every four years the citizens of the United States of America come together to vote and elect the President of the United States. Voting in any type of election is important because it voices our opinions in selecting important leaders and officials and overall policies. Voting helps the person to decide what will they see done for themselves in the future depending leader who has the same views as you. The voter also is able to voice their opinion in future policies that will come into effect in...

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Voting and Players Version

Derp.version Against the Darkness: 3.0.2c by 1)ark_NiTe Download Against the Darkness 3.0.2c-opt.w3x (3015.1 KB) Other 27 Sep 2014 14:50 5 (1 Vote) 175 Tribes at War v1.9 12 players version Tribes at War v1.9 by Gourangas Download Tribes at War_v1.9.w3x (1501.6 KB) Hero Defense 27 Sep 2014 14:28 5 (2 Votes) 139 newice 11 players version newice by Clan null Download newice 0.8.0.w3x (343.6 KB) Other 27 Sep 2014 14:10 0 (0 Votes) 53 死神无级别混战V6.1 12 players version 死神无级别混战V6.1 by jiwalv ...

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Voting Research Paper

Voting is privilege given to Americans. Many people don’t know how lucky they are to have the privilege to give their opinion on who leads our country. It took many years for the U.S to get voting rights equalized for all citizens; so everyone should take advantage of this. Participating in voting should be happening by every eligible person in the U.S. A person’s characteristics will effect whether or not they are going to participate in voting. It can either positively affect the person or negatively...

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Analyzing the Negative Impacts of Lowering the Voting Age

Analyzing the Negative Impacts of Lowering the Voting Age Justin Smith-Lorenzetti (6263537) Politics 110, Section B TA: Peter Rak, Section X Professor Rose Submitted November 8, 2010 Word Count: 1454 The debate between quantity and quality is an ever-present one in modern society, whether it be with number or quality of friends one person might have, the quantity or the quality of artwork that someone may own, or, most appropriately, the quality versus the quantity of votes taken at polls...

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Compulsory Voting in America: Against Our Civil Rights

Allen EGL 101-018/035 Fall 2010 Compulsory Voting in America: Against Our Civil Rights The United States of America is supposed to be a land of freedom where one can exercise the right to have various liberties that are not found in many other countries around the world. Among these liberties is the right to vote in a democratic government. Voting is a privilege in the United States that should not be taken for granted; many countries do not have the luxury of choosing who they want to...

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Analyzing Voting Behavior

Analyzing Voting Behavior 1. Introduction Voting is a principal way through which the government is elected democratically. This means people tend to select people they want to run the office, depending on the majority. According to Brennan (2011) voting is a civil duty for every citizen, but people disagree and thus confirming that not every individual votes. Voting faces both abstention and indulgence depending on the situations, interest or priority of the voter. To keep the moral of democracy...

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Essay About Not Voting

In most elections there is a greater amount of non-voters than voters. People who don't vote are often apathetic, too lazy, thoughtless, or they belong to a religious organization or other organization that tells them or brainwashes them into not voting. The Apathetic Non-voter People who are apathetic feel that there is no reason to vote. The country is going downhill and it will continue to go downhill. The candidates aren't qualified. We don't know the candidates. And they all say the same thing...

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Electronic Voting System

Introduction Rationale of the Study Information Technology has developed to be essential for the universal status quo. It is deeply influencing the lives of many people in the society. As a tool, it opened new gateway in doing things particularly voting process in the organization. Every Organization performs elections but majority still used the conventional process which is manual procedure. Nowadays, technology arises to solve a problem with technical solution. All of the transactions and processes...

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Is Voting for Young People?

Political Science 298 Book Review November 6th, 2012 Danny Fitzpatrick Is Voting For Young People? The main point according Martin P. Wattenberg in Is Voting For Young People is that young people today do not vote during elections as much compared to other voting groups. Young people today are politically unengaged. “These state patterns of voting participation can be confirmed on the national level by the Census Bureau’s 2010 survey data. Among U.S. citizens...

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Online Voting System

Administration Office if he is a registered voter, then goes to the voting area and chooses the candidates he likes via internet or they can vote in any place they were by using their appropriate user name and password. After they had voted, it will instantly counted already, and the student can also saw the vote standing. Background of the Study The introduction of computers greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of voting process. Results could be attained even right after the elections...

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Automated Voting System

Title of Study: Automated Voting System Author: Jayson Vergara 1. Mediums of Election that Makes Cheating Easier Title of Study | Author | Date Published | Data of Research | Source(Book or Internet) | Source(Link) | Paper Balot | Douglas W. Jones  | May 22, 2001 | When most people speak of voting on paper ballots, they imagine that they are speaking of an ancient technology, and in a sense, this is true. Hand written paper ballots were first used in Rome in 139 BCE, and their first use in...

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Should Voting Be Mandatory?

Should voting be mandatory? I would like to initiate with a quote, which falls apt to the topic and my point of view on it- “A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” -(Theodore Roosevelt). The answer to the question, 'Should voting be mandatory', lies in the topic itself. Before I go any further with what my views are, I would like to clear, the basic definition of the word- Vote. “It is a formal Expression of Opinion or Will, in response to a proposed decision” -(Merriam...

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Debate: Electronic Voting

individual's vote, through electronic voting. Electronic voting is a way to cast a person's ballot using an electronic voting machine that is touch screen. There are many advantages to using these machines during an election but there are also many disadvantages to using them as well. Before a person can make their own judgments on this subject it is important to understand and view both sides of the argument. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been put forth to upgrade voting systems all around the country...

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E-Voting System in Nigeria

INTRODUCTION The term electronic voting is a blanket term used to describe an array of voting methods that operate using electronic technology. Electronic-Voting (also known as Biometric Voting) is the use of computer-based machine to display an election ballot and record the vote. E-voting machines typically use touch screens as the data entry method for a voter's selection. E-voting is different from online voting, where users vote over the Internet. Under the e-voting system, polling stations would...

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Electronic Voting System

Disadvantages of electronic voting Admin  Why do we want to introduce e-voting in next general elections in Bangladesh? Will this ensure free and fair election under the current political environment in our country? The answer undoubtedly will be in the negative, writes Shama Obaed   Recently, there has been a debate going on regarding electronic voting, after the Election Commission mentioned a possible plan to introduce electronic voting system in the next general elections.  Our prime minister...

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Voter Turnout and Compulsory Voting Laws

Voting Are you a registered voter? You might expect a high rate of voting in the United States. A lot of people – women, African Americans, and the poor – fought for the right to vote; certainly their descendents would want to exercise their right to vote. I want to discuss with you today the importance of voting. There are three important aspects of voting. The first aspect is the group of people that fail to vote, the second is why there is such a low turnout, and finally is the voters' attitude...

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The British Voting System, Undemocratic

the question how the British voting system tends to be undemocratic in comparison with two other European voting systems - the French and German. The United Kingdom counts five distinct types of elections: UK general elections, elections to national/regional parliaments and assemblies, elections to the European Parliament, local elections and mayoral elections.(wikipedia, 2008).According to the facts and in comparison with the French and German systems, the British voting system might be undemocratic...

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07 Application of Biometrics in Mobile Voting Donovan Gentles1, Suresh Sankaranarayanan 2, 3 1Mona Institute of Applied Sciences, University of WestIndies, Jamaica dongen02@gmail.com 2Computing & Information Systems, Institut Teknologi Brunei, Brunei 3Department of Computing, University of WestIndies, Jamaica pessuresh@hotmail.com Abstract — Voting process in today’s era is behind its time in respect of the usage of modern ICT. The voting process is being seen mostly as a manual...

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Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

this problem but the most debatable resolution is whether the voting age be lowered from eighteen to sixteen. What would persuade the government to lower the voting age to an even lower one than the young adults age of eighteen? On the other hand how can the youth of Canada who have their individual opinions and beliefs be able to make a difference in society without having the right to vote? I strongly believe that lowering the voting age will interest youth to further participate in politics and...

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facebook “Mission to Transform” and have it reproduce for your use as instructed by your instructor. 4. Secure a copy and bring it along to the voting precinct when you actually vote. Distribute copies also to your scouted voters. This form must be accomplished or processed personally by the concerned NSTP student and the scouted students to vote during the voting itself. 5. Process one form per student only; no duplication of forms for one student is honored. 6. As you vote in the precinct, show...

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Good Citizen

Treated. "Live For Yourself, Die For Your Country" " Good Citizens Are Rare, You Can Pick Them Out In The Streets, They Pick Their Own Trash." “A Good Citizen Owes His Life To His Country” “Do You Know Who You're Voting For? Choose Your Leaders Yourself... Enjoy Your Voting Rights Stop Match Fixing... Play Fair A Good Citizen Respects Other People's Property. Know What's Happening In Your Country…..Read Newspapers… Watch News…. Keep Yourself Informed….. Be An Alert Citizen Anna...

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Extended Definition - Patriotism

and sons fighting in a war, but this patriotism does not mean that Americans must blindly support the decision to go to war. Being patriotic means that Americans must do the opposite: they must question their government. Questioning the government, voting, and respecting the rights of others are what make true patriots in a democratic society; whereas, blind following of one's government creates dictatorships. The United States government is not perfect, as evidenced by its history. For example,...

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Civics and Economics Portfolio

Civics and Economics Portfolio Honors Civics and Economics 1/8/14 Mrs. Cunningham Voting  Voting is the method by which the electorate appoints its representatives in its government. It is necessary to understand the voting qualifications and the process to be a productive citizen and vote for your government. This is some evidence I have to prove my understanding of voting. In order to vote you need to be all of the following; a US citizen, at least 18 years old, and a resident...

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Electronic Voting Literature Review

David Friedman Charles Wright Dan Kalowsky John Daniel Electronic Voting Literature Review Computer scientists who have done work in, or are interested in, electronic voting all seem to agree on two things: Internet voting does not meet the requirements for public elections Currently widely-deployed voting systems need improvement Voting on the Internet using everyday PC's offers only weak security, but its main disadvantages are in the areas of anonymity and protection against coercion and/or...

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Public Opinion & Political Participation

the most effective way of rectifying disparities that arise in political voice, is by political participation such as voting, polling, and addressing the issues through the social media. Voting is the most conventional way people express their political voice. It is legal, and people are encouraged to vote in order for the U.S. government to exercise democracy. Results from voting, show the popular vote and ideas that most Americans agree with, which helps shape the political agenda. If the public...

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Should Voting Be Made Compulsory in Britain?

Economics Should voting be made compulsory in Britain? Britain currently employs a voluntary voting system, whereby it is entirely up to the individual to choose whether to vote or not. 32 countries across the world, such as; Australia, Switzerland and Belgium, employ a compulsory voting system, were the citizens of their countries must register their vote in elections. This paper is going to look into the positive, negative, opportunity and threat aspects of whether voting should be made compulsory...

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St - Reaction Paper 1

Services (ISS), has about a 20 percent influence on investor voting decsions when it comes to the advisory vote on pay proposals for the Russell 3000 and the second most influential group, Glass Lewis, affects five to 10 percent of the vote outcome (Hilburn, 2011). Therefore, companies have incentive to follow what this stakeholder deems as responsible governance. Stockholders are responsible for actively voting, but are they voting blindly by others’ recommendations? ISS writes in their preliminary...

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10 Images of Politics

| |26. Which voting amendment applies only to presidential |23rd - gives three electoral votes to the District of | |elections? |Columbia | |27. Which voting amendment extended suffrage for 18 year olds? | 26th amendment – (during Viet Nam war) | |28. Which voting amendment granted...

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26th Amendment and Rights/Responsibilities

Guide. New York, NY: Basic, 2009. 284-85. Print.) Even in a case in 1970, Oregon v. Mitchell, Congress tried to lower the voting age to 18, but to no avail. It angered those being drafted even more that people had tried to help them but the government would not allow it. So what happened when young soldiers were upset? Of course the government tried again to have the legal voting age lowered to eighteen years of age. This time, it passed the House 400 to 19 on March 23rd, 1971 (“The 26th Amendment...

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Wrigleys Dual-Class Equity Strategy

earnings would decrease. Question 2) I found out that on average, managers and directors own an average of 26.7 percent of the cash flow rights and 50.7 percent of the voting rights among firms in dual-class. Dual-class firms rely more heavily on debt financing, possibly because investors do not wish to buy stock with inferior voting rights. The median debt-to-assets ratio for dual-class firms is 0.21; for single-class companies it is 0.09. Managers are willing to pursue more rapid growth. Increased...

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Research Paper

military to the young age of eighteen from twenty-one, many youth voting rights movements created a slogan that is now infamously known around the United States. “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote” was heard during World War II and many student activists started saying it a lot during the Vietnam War. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president to publicly voice his support from the passing of the amendment to lower the voting age. In his 1954 State of the Union address he declared: “For years...

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Felon Disenfranchisement

prohibited from voting during some or all of their adult lives is astoundingly high. Many are first-time offenders who readily accept a guilty plea in exchange for probation. In the process, they often forfeit voting rights before they have even had an opportunity to exercise them. Given these consequences, it is hardly surprising that the United States Civil Rights Commission recently concluded that the disenfranchisement of ex-convicts is "the biggest hindrance to black voting since the poll tax”(Hull...

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