Arizona Constitution

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The Implications of the Arizona Constitution






The American constitution plays a crucial role in delegating of laws in the country and it governs all citizens. On the other hand, a state’s constitution serves a similar purpose but only under the state’s jurisdiction. This constitution is the basis for other state laws including those of other sections of the state government. This implies that all the laws outlined by this constitution affect its organization, operations and maintenance. Actions carried out outside the constitutional boundaries are considered to be illegal. As such, the Arizona constitution has endeavored to effectively guide the State of Arizona by impacting on the state’s counties, schools, municipalities and corporations. This paper will discuss these distinct effects. In essence, the State of Arizona constitution sets boundaries for all laws within the state.

In Article 12 of the Arizona constitution, the issue of counties has been clearly addressed. This article is detailed with guidelines regarding various aspects of counties. The county is hereby defined and its fundamental roles displayed. For instance in section 3 of this article, specifications are made on county officers, their election and term of office. A county is depicted to be inclusive of such officers like the sheriff, county attorney, treasurer, and superintendent of schools, a recorder and supervisors (Arizona State Legislature, 2007). These officers occupy these positions for a period of four years and this predicts when they cease to serve the people of Arizona.

The article also specifies on the election of these officers, their qualifications, duties and powers. This ensures the effective use of the law when there are individuals or groups of people embarked on using corrupt and selfish means. Furthermore, citizens within a particular county are empowered to...

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