Aerobic Activities

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Aerobic Activities Aerobic Activities are “activities using large muscle groups at moderate intensities that permit the body to supply energy and to maintain a steady state for more than a few minutes” according to TheFitConnection. Basically, aerobic activities are exercises that generally utilize oxygen in order to fuel the body for physical activity. They get your heart rate up and make you breathe harder. Common examples of aerobic activities include running, cycling, and skiing over large distances. Moderate-intensity aerobic activity is generally recommended and includes a wide range of activities. It includes: brisk walking, bike riding, dancing, jogging, hiking, skiing, skating, swimming, household chores, yard work, and most sports. The most simple aerobic activity would be walking. This activity doesn’t require any special equipment other than shoe you’re comfortable in walking in and can be done practically anywhere. Cycling is another aerobic activity that is widely appealing. It just requires a regular bike and is ideal for people with orthopedic problems. Swimming is another good aerobic activity, however for those not used to swimming may have a harder time in reaching the desirable intensity. Jogging and Aerobic Dance are other forms of aerobics that are safe and beneficial for a highly fit person. Technology used in Aerobic Activities primarily comes in the form of exercise machines. These machines provide a good aerobic workout and have their advantages and drawbacks. Examples of such machines include: ski machines, stair climbers, steppers, and elliptical machines. One of my favorite aerobic activities would be considered walking. Walking is easy and enjoyable and is not as strenuous as other more intense aerobic activities. It’s also more slow paced and can be done

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