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Millions of dollars are spent each year ton subscriptions to fitness centres. These people could save themselves allot of money and obtain greater enjoyment and other benefits by simply investing in the bicycle. Cycling is not only good for you but also offers a range of benefits. Admittedly, cycling in rainy conditions can prove to be a bit of a challenge. One needs to take greater care on the roads. It is a good idea so that other people can easily see you. Wearing rain proof clothing can make you hot...

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cycling in hong kong

some legislative councilors advocate to promote cycling as major transport so as to sustain the low-carbon living. This promotion has given rise to many discussions in the society. While some advocates believe riding bike can enhance the citizens’ health, others concern that cycling may increase the danger of other road users. This paper examines both arguments for and against promoting bicycling as major transport. A number of cyclists advise that cycling can alleviate the chronic diseases and enhance...

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Making a Cycling Town: Qualitative Survey a compilation of practitioners’ experiences from the Cycling Demonstration Towns programme 2005-2009 Contents Abbreviations & Glossary Introduction Acknowledgements Chapter 1: ‘Lift Off’ for Cycling Bikeability 5 6 7 13 9 Chapter 2: Cycling Programme Delivery Best Practice Chapter 3: Cycling Demonstration Town Stories Aylesbury Brighton & Hove Darlington Derby Exeter Lancaster with Morecambe 15 27 28 34 40 46 52 58 66 72 79 86 Chapter 4: Common Elements...

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Orienteering and Fitness Building

week of the program included a lot of aerobic exercise with In the sixth week of training, cycling is one of the sessions specified. It was chosen because cycling strengthens the quadriceps and stomach muscles, while avoiding the foot strike pounding of running. The quadriceps muscles, in the front of the upper leg are the main muscles for both cycling and running uphill. (Harding.J 2011) The cycling would therefore assist my ability to perform uphill to the best of my ability during the orienteering...

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Marketing Implementation Plan

categories and was ranked as one of the top ten bicycle brands of 2014.1 Along with the high caliber products, the company seeks to deliver the best services that are environmentally friendly by encouraging all local and international tourists to enjoy cycling. The company focuses on offering personalized tours for its customers. As a successful company, the current goal is to further expand the services and potential across South Eastern Europe, encouraging new clients to become part of a healthier community...

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Persuasive Speech on Reasons to Ride a Bike

Peterson even said, “Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” II. 1st Argument a. Riding your bike is pollutant free 1. About half of the greenhouse emissions produced each year are from gas guzzling transportation. Cycling is one way a household can reduce its contribution to pollution. 2. Cars produce an average of 0.3kg of CO2 per km travelled. A bike contributes nothing to greenhouse gases or pollution. So for each km you ride instead of drive, you are saving exactly...

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Never Quit

friends thought I was stupid because I could not ride a bicycle, while they could easily do so. I was getting frustrated, and was very upset, but I did not give up. Every evening after school I used to practice cycling. I kept falling down over and over again, but I always stood up, and started cycling again. Giving up was not an option for me. I kept trying until I succeeded, and yes, I succeeded. I graduated high school from Nepal in 2012. The final exam that we had to take in order to graduate in Nepal...

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Hero Cycles Industry

in the rural areas too with better finance facilities and availability of these motor bikes. In big cities, the increasing number of automobiles on congested road has made it riskier and more difficult to ride bicycles. With no option of separate cycling lanes, bicycle users in the urban areas face tremendous risks while commuting. Also, it becomes easier and much more comfortable to ride a motor bike than a bicycle in big cities where destinations are further away than in villages. People from villages...

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One-Word Essay: Memories

mother had sent me to the railway station and left with her “5-years old” car. Aware of the sound, my eyes immediately darted to him and then the other chums. Suddenly, a grin of happiness flitted across my face. We had already planned to have a cycling activity at the Taman Botani Negara a few days ago as soon as the previous examination ended. And finally the day had come. Using the tickets we had bought, we boarded the train that came with anticipation, which would lead us to the destination. ...

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E Bikes

due to the introduction of the Public Bicycle scheme vélo’v. Each of the 2,000 bicycles available The transferability of Public Bicycle schemes to cities at racks throughout the city centre with appropriate framework conditions for cycling has is used on average 16 times on a been proven in many cases (e.g. in France, Germany, typical summer day. Within the Scandinavia and Spain). first six months after its introduction, 2 Million trips were made with the Public Bicycles...

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