Advertisement Analysis - Axis Unleash the Chaos

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Advertisement analysis – Axe “Unleash the Chaos”

Axe is a Unilever-owned cosmetic products brand, which has its identity for its sex appealing advertisements addressed to young men who want women to be chasing him. The 2012 campaign about the New Axe Anarchy for him + for her was done by Agency BBH from London and, in July, won the Gold Lion prize in Cannes Festival. Anarchy is the first product on Axe’s line which is available to women, and therefore, the audiences for this piece of advertisement are both men and women, mainly young and metro-sexual ones. The ad keeps the concept of sexuality of the old Axe commercials but adds the same sex appeal also to women. This appeal is achieved by the setting of the picture, the man and woman models themselves with their accessories, the placement and style of language resources; and each one of them indicates values propagated by the advertisement. The layout of the advertisement is composed by text – including name of the product and slogan –, a picture of the products in the top right corner and the main picture, which fulfills the page, of a static man and woman, looking at each other’s eyes in a kind of sexual tension situation. They are in a petrol station and the meeting seems to be casual, not planned. While the man was fixing up his old blue car with equipment that deal with fire the woman was filling up her car with gas; both appear to be shocked with each other because their machines are still working. Their equipment, together, can cause an accident because the fuel is combustible; this setting represents the explosive power of attraction caused by Axe. The aim of Axe, therefore, is to convince people that Anarchy is not only a deodorant, but it is a deodorant with an extremely irresistible fragrance that will unleash dangerous attraction. What the cosmetics brand proposes is that men and women will become attractive as soon as they spray their deodorants – the world will become a...
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