Ad Analysis Essay 13

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Heteronormativity Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: December 7, 2005
AD #1 Gillette Compete Skin Care for Men

This advertisement is for Gillette men's skin care products. The ad targets young adult couples, and women will buy skin care products for the men in their lives. It can be found in Allure, November 2005. Allure is targeted towards young adult women interested in beauty, fashion and relationships. This advertisement is promoting a simple 3 step skin care regime for men. The ad focuses on a man's back profile with a women's hands placed provocatively around him. It has bold print stating "Get a Better Looking Man in 3 Simple Steps" and smaller print that promotes the simplicity of the products and targets women to purchase the skin care products for men. The ad is implying that men in society can now take care of their skin, yet still targets women to prompt them to use it. The text "now that you've got his face covered, you can start working on his clothes, hair, his friends…" implies that a woman can create a better man by manipulating him, beginning with using these products.

Sociologists wound find this advertisement particularly interesting because it is promoting heterosexual relationships, health and beauty standards in our society, men and women's roles as consumers and the bold graphics and image the ad focuses on. It is promoting men's skin care products, which have previously been viewed as women's products and it influences women to buy these products on men's behalf. This influence perpetuates the sociological role of women in society as caretakers, as well as encouraging the role of men being inactive in caring about their appearance and their need to use health and beauty products. This ad clearly promotes heterosexual relationships. It shows a women's hand wrapped around him and the left hand has no wedding ring, implying they are in some kind of relationship but not married yet. This is reinforcing the roles men and women play in these relationships. The ad appeals to the ever-more popularized...

Citations: Schaefer, Richard T., Richard Floyd, Bonnie Haaland. Sociology, A Brief Introduction. Toronto: McGraw Hill Ryerson. 2003
Allure Magazine. Ed. Linda Wells. November 2005.
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