Positioning Strategy of Axe

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Axe is a product of Hindustan Uniliver, one of the biggest FMCG companies in India. Axe is a brand of male grooming products, marketed towards young males. Products
The brand has three products under his head:

* Shower Gel

* Talcum Powder

* Deodorants

Positioning Strategy (Axe Deodorants)
“This world can only be divided in to two parts i.e. Hum (Boys) and Tum (Girls) and nothing else” The above quoted line completely matches with the marketing strategy of Axe products. When I think of Axe my mind probably recalls images of beautiful girls running to guys and seducing them, basically a fantasy that most of the young males would have. This is the position the brand holds in most of the consumer’s mind, which in this case are young males. The brand has its brand value of Cool, Fashionable and Stylish. The biggest strength of this brand is the underlying message that the brand users are high on confidence and always for the Axe users, instantly girls make the first move.

This brand, as stated earlier targets the young male generation and tries to grab their attention by positioning itself as a product which when used by them will make the opposite gender (young girls) run after them. Most of the young males would love to grab the attention of young female. The brand uses the punch line “THE AXE EFFECT” to the fullest. It is the term used to describe the increased attention males receive from eager and attractive females simply because of wearing AXE deodorants..

There are lot of ads where girls are seen drooling over well build masculine models but in Axe the male figure is an ordinary next to door guy who after using Axe gets the attention of all the beautiful girls around him. This makes the positioning very clear that even if you are an ordinary young man,...
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