Adolescent Promisuity

Topics: Human sexuality, Adolescence, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Sociology, Childhood / Pages: 3 (683 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2013
Adolescent Promiscuity

Sabrina Garcia
Psychology of Human Development
Paula R. Schmidtlein
April 2, 2013 (April 15, 2013) In this day in age I have experienced and observed a lot of young adolescent promiscuity among my peers and family members of the same age group and generation. I believe that as time goes on our generation is getting more comfortable with their sexuality and are not as afraid of the risks and consequences of sexual acts. I have also came to realization that technology has a big input in this day in age on how much we see this kind of behavior; kids, teens and emerging adults rely on social networks, their cellphones, computers etc. to express who they are as a person and also to connect to others. The main focus of my paper is to really go into depth of what adolescent promiscuity is, what is the expected time to be promiscuous, when is it too early, and if it is too early then what causes these adolescents to become promiscuous at that age. Promiscuous is the practice of having casual sex with multiple partners. This topic stuck out to me because I have personally had a few friends, boys or girls, who were a lot more experienced and engaged in sexual activities than most teens at the age of 14. It never occurred to me that that was unusual until I had gotten into college and now see my little siblings going through the same problems and as being the older sister I have realized that there is deeper issues under being promiscuous. I have found an article about “if your teen is promiscuous” and it isn’t really a great source to get information off of but does have a lot of good points. Tips for Parents with Troubled Teens, tries to give parents a clear understanding of why this is happeneing with your child’s life. A lot of the time when a teen is promiscuous it can be caused by problems within the home causing the child to take their frustration out by being promiscuous just like drugs and alcohol, which can cause the teen to

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