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Jesse Logan was an eighteen year old girl from Ohio, who decided to take her own life. Jesse was humiliated, after explicit photos she had sent to a boyfriend ended up circling among her peers. Most people would consider this to be sexting without even realizing what sexting is. Sexting is sending sexually suggestive or explicit messages and or photos using mobile devices or through the internet and is one of the most recent and controversial uses of technology (“Sexting 1”). Sexting has become a new phenomenon among teenagers in today’s society. Adolescents don’t realize that there are harmful consequences to these actions that will follow them for life. This should be the responsibility of parents not local law makers. Those opposed to this viewpoint would argue teens need to know the full consequences of their actions and the impact it has on their future. Local law makers attempt to enforce rules and regulations for numerous reasons. Such reasons include teaching children consequences of sexting who have uninvolved parents and making sure children of all ages understand that sexting is considered a crime in many jurisdictions. This viewpoint of sexting could involve the police, suspension from school and notes on a child’s permanent record that could hurt his or her chances of getting into college or finding a job. Overall, local law makers involvement could hinder the distribution of non-consensual lewd pictures because of the technology that is at their disposal. These are easily disputed by the following reasons. Teens are using technology for the wrong reasons. Texting has become a main part in teen social life. Parents, educators, and advocates have grown increasingly concerned about the role technology plays in the sexual lives of teens and young adults (Lenhart 2). Information is shared more easily now than ever before. The internet, social networking sites, mobile phones, and web cameras are being used for sexual purposes (“Sexting 1”). Adolescents are taking it as a joke and do not realize the serious consequences that could ruin their lives forever. Teens whohave been caught sexting are in danger of being brought up on criminal child-pornography charges, even as minors(“Sexting 1”). Laws are being adjusted because of this new phenomenon. Teens are being bullied, blackmailed, and embarrassed in front of peers, parents, family, and authorities because of making a mistake like sexting. Laws that were created to protect children are being manipulated such that those same laws are being used to punish too harshly them for using poor judgment (“Sexting Teens Should Be Punished by Parents, Not by the Legal System 1”). Teens have new technology but they are using it foolishly (“Sexting Girls Facing Porn Charge Sue D.A. 2”). Laws are rules that people have learned to follow and some seem not as important as others. As humans we make mistakes and may engage in activities that are wrong, unsafe, illegal or even crime without fully realizing the extent of what was done. There are laws that say sexting is child pornography and teens can be charged by either sending or receiving a nude or semi-nude photo and if found guilty could have to register as a sex offender which will follow them for the rest of their life (Roberts and Hasselback 4). The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was hired by three female students and their parents to sue the county prosecutor because he insisted on the students participating in a ten hour “reeducation” program. Legislatures in many states are attempting to consider downgrading charges for creating, viewing, or sending sexual images of a minor from a felony to a misdemeanor. The measure, signed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, gives courts and prosecutors pursuing “sexting” cases against teenagers the option to have them complete an eight-hour education course, and to have criminal charges dropped” (Phillips 1). The program will only be used if both the sender and receiver were nineteen or...
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