Topics: Sex offender, Sex and the law, Criminal law Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Sexting has become a very common term in the past decade. The term sexting refers to the act sending sexual explicit images through text messages. Many teens currently participate in the notorious act of sexting. Often times, misunfortuniate and tragic things result from sexting . But, teens who participate in sexting should not automatically and can not be prosecuted as sex offenders.

Teens should not be prosecuted as sex offenders because sexting with other teens is not a not commit a the crime; Sexting is a indecent and shameful thing to do but it is not a crime. According to dictionary .com the term of sexual offender can be defined as some one who has been convicted of a sex crime. Teens who participate in sexting does not make them sex offenders. To be considered or prosecuted as a sex offender they must actually commit a sex crime. Adults who are of the age of 18 and older should be prosecuted because they are not teens anymore When teens sext , they consensually agree teens who sext consellualy agree to send sexual images to of themselves to others. In our age ,Teens know the consequences of sending images to others. If teens don’t want their image on the internet and seen by others t they should not send pictures to begin with. No intent of harm when,teens who participate in sexting do not have criminal intent with the images, they are just full of hormones and curious and want to see. There is a difference between sexting and sexting with a malicious intent. Each case should be prosecuted differently differently. According to us sex offender is defined as a person who exhibits characteristics showing a tendency to victimize or injure others.There are times when teens share sexual images to get payback, those cases should be seen separately and individualy. There is a difference between sexting and sexting with a malicious intent. Each case should be tried differently. Teens and adults think differently about.although teens who do...
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