Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Dangers Associated with Using Online Social Networks
Critical Preface
Social networks have emerged as one of the most significant and innovative invention of the last decade that have erupted the whole world and led the new generation in a new direction. The online social networking has enhanced the communication system and made it more flexible, easier and comfortable to use. This new technology has been serving the world in multiple ways and has created new opportunities for young people to initiate small startups, provoked multinationals and local firms to utilize this medium as a source of promotion and multiple other benefits besides enhancing communication. The way online social networking sites are being utilized is quite clear, but the objectives of every person are different. However, this new technology has transformed many things but has some adverse effects as well. In order to identify the adverse effects that according to researchers, online social networking sites have, I have compiled some specific questions that will be addressed in the research that I will conduct and will guide me to reach to a solid conclusion. These questions include, (1) what is the relationship that teenagers have created with the social networking sites? (2) What is the impact of social networking sites on the social life of human beings? (3) The extent to which social networking sites can be dangerous or harmful. These questions are supposed to be examined in the research paper in order to derive a meaning to it and to evaluate the importance the topic has. However, the research has been conducted in the passage of two weeks and the bibliography is comprised of at least six references that completely belong to journal articles. The six different journal articles consist of research conducted by Ofir Turol and Alexander Serenko that explain the pros and cons of using social networking sites as a source of enjoyment. The articles...

Bibliography: (1) Ybarra, Michele L., and Kimberly J. Mitchell. "How risky are social networking sites? A comparison of places online where youth sexual solicitation and harassment occurs." Pediatrics 121.2 (2008): 350-357.
(2) Rosenblum, David. "What anyone can know: The privacy risks of social networking sites." IEEE Security & Privacy 3 (2007): 40-49.
(3) Turel, Ofir, and Alexander Serenko. "The benefits and dangers of enjoyment with social networking websites." European Journal of Information Systems21.5 (2012): 512-528.
(6) Cheung, Christy MK, Pui-Yee Chiu, and Matthew KO Lee. "Online social networks: why do students use Facebook?" Computers in Human Behavior27.4 (2011): 1337-1343.
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