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Social Networking
Social networking mainly involves social interactions among different people from various parts of the world through an established platform of social networks. Mostly, social relations is based on people who, for instance, share beliefs, interests, backgrounds, activities or real life connections. Social networking is primarily web-based; therefore, users interact over the internet by use of instant messaging, emails, facebook, twitter and many other social web sites. Social networking is central to interactions, both business and social, in today’s world with many people converging on social network sites. It facilitates interaction of people, exchange of ideas and promotion of products; but such simple, casual relation in an electronic environment also has its drawbacks such as lack of privacy, moral degradation of teenagers, cyber-bullying, decreased productivity, spearheading of crime, and conveyance of false information. In this excerpt, I am going to discuss about these negative effects of social networking. Social networking sites tend to encourage most people to be public regarding their personal lives which ultimately lead to lose of privacy. Most of information on social networking sites is public meaning anyone with an internet connection can access it. Social networking sites often require one to submit personal information such as name, location, age, gender, images or photos and contact details. In some of the sites, people share information about with whom, where and what they are doing. Publicizing such information is risky considering one cannot know whether it falls into the wrong hands or not. This lack of anonymity exposes one to countless risks and breaches a person’s privacy. As one is a friend, who also has a network of friends, a person’s information and uploads can be shared and re-shared with strangers, not the initial recipients. Nothing posted on...

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