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Nowadays, the Internet affects almost aspects on daily human beings lives. Consciousness about the world created on the internet and let it as a useful tool supporting our lives.From the internet,many new things can born such as social network sites.Over the past decade,there has been a considerable debate about the effect of social networking sites on individuals and societies.In fact ,social networks has become part of our life. there are different types of these tools such as twitter,Facebook,Instagram and many more. However, social networking has the advantages and disadvantages,especially on young generation.

Firstly ,some people believe that social networking sites ,offers many benefits for example, they can keep in contact with old friends, anywhere and anytime. As well as,they can use twitter to access the latest news, by fast and easier way . Also ,by use Facebook young people like teen and kids have opportunity to make new friends ,talk about the world events and they can get substantial skills and knowledge, in many areas. In addition, some people use YouTube for fun and enjoyment,for instance they may share their videos, photos, and information with others,from over all the world. Undoubtedly, social networking sites are advantageous to young generation. With the help of these sites, they can communicate and express themselves by exchanging messages and comments. Social networking sites help in establishing connection with people, friends and relatives. These sites can be accessed from any part of the globe. Therefore, a person can interact with any person from any place. For example a student can clear his doubts with the help of a teacher.

Perhaps the biggest online social networking disadvantages for young generation nowadays is overwhelming and addictive at the same time to that. Many kids and teenagers join every social network and add hundreds of people as friends and receive updates constantly. It'll become difficult to see any one...
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