Social Networking Has Caused More Harm Than Good to People

Topics: Social network service, Twitter, Social network aggregation Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Good day Mr. Chairman, Panel of Judges, Accurate Timekeeper, Co-debaters, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am here to support the motion that social networking has done more harm than good to Nigerian youths.

Social networking has become a major part of society. Even big businesses and celebrities are jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Many people wake up each day and check social websites first thing in the morning instead of reaching for a newspaper. According to, as of June 2010, American Internet users spend more than 22 percent of their online time using a social networking site. Since people are spending such a large amount of time surfing social networks, it is important to point out some of the positive and negative effects that social networking can have on a society. One of the positive effects is that it helps small business. Social networking can help small businesses in a big way. Traditional mediums such as print magazine ads and radio commercials can cost thousands of dollars that some small businesses just don't have in a down economy. Social networking allows small business owners to connect with prospects and clients for free, costing nothing but time and energy. Marketers at small companies can post coupons to Facebook groups or run promotions on Twitter. In addition to generating revenue this way, companies also can get positive and negative feedback directly from consumers. On the other hand, social networking also has its negative impacts which are even more than the positive effects. A negative aspect of social networking is that it can be addictive. Spending too much time on social networking sites can cause people to lose focus on tasks at work or around the house. Social networking needs to be used in moderation. If someone is spending so much time on social networks that they are not sleeping enough hours per night or are ignoring friends and family that want to spend time with them in person, social networking can be a...
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