Social Networking Is Bad for Teens

Topics: MySpace, Social network service, Twitter Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Imagine this: A utopian society that doesn’t have the dangers of cyber bullies or cyber bullying. No more headlines or news articles talking about the girl who killed herself because she was cyber bullied on a social networking site. In a society where you can relax and relinquish those thoughts at the back of your mind about what people think about you over that social networking site. Unfortunately, that’s fantasy, because teens are always using these sites, which can lead to a danger little by little every day. For those teens that abundantly use social networking sites, you may think it gives you jubilance and entertainment, but social networking sites are much worse than you think. Social networking is terrible for teenagers because it is distracting, it often leads to miscommunications and misunderstandings, and it is dangerous. To begin with, social networking is terrible because it is distracting to teenagers. Some teens that have homework to do are sometimes hoarding the computer, social networking instead of doing their homework. When their parents would tell them to do their homework, they’ll say they’ll get to it. Do you think they were actually listening while commenting on their friend’s picture on Facebook? They were probably not. This distracting “obsession” can also have an effect on their English grammar. Some English teachers are disappointed to see some students use the “chat language”, which is commonly used in social networking sites. This includes: lol, btw, brb, ttyl, l8r, etc. Social networking can also lead to the loss of focus in school. According to News Today News, “[N]early half of the five hundred teachers surveyed believe that this [obsession] affects children’s ability to concentrate in class and follow the lessons.” Students can be distracted during a lesson, thinking about that person they sent a friend request to, or if anyone commented on their newly uploaded picture. This “obsession” about social networking is distracting to...
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