Addiction to Social Networks

Topics: Causality, Addiction, Recreation and Sports Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Today internet is used almost everywhere. People use it for purposes like doing research, playing games, having fun, killing time. Social networks are first in importance. In social networks people now can not live without it, people share information, their thoughts and feelings; play games do and even do video calls. Social networks used for these purposes affect our lives in three ways: disease, deception, asocial... Using social networks just to kill time and as an addict reveals some disease in people. Since addict to social networks sit at computer so much and in leaning position, joints, bones and body remains motionless and as a result of it cause some physical disabilities in body. For instance, after a certain period of the person sitting in this way can be humpback. Another disease arising from addiction to social networks psychological problems. It happens in the following way: addicted person wants to be liked whatever he/she share. İf nobody like it, the person has depression and as a consequnce of depression harms himself /herself. An example of this has occured in the United Kingdom. Because of negative comments to her photo, a girl in Britain put end to herself. Headaches caused by computer are another disease. Because of addiction, to sit at computer causes headache due to the radiation. Decepting people with using social networks is as a result of addiction to social networks. The admin of the pages liked and games played on social networks can reach to personal informations and share whatever he/she want because with liking, admin gets the permission. Being friends on social networks makes the space to decept. The person met decepts people and robs their money. Or the person, with the promise of marriage, disappoints people. The most important result of addiction to social networks is to be asocial. For an addict takes his/her spare time to social networks, can’t take time to his/her family. So the addict has a...
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