Sexting Epidemic

Topics: Child pornography, Pornography, Adolescence Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: June 11, 2014
Imani Wallace
Mrs. Lisa
Computer Applications
11 June 2014
Sexting Outbreak

Sexting, the illegal act of sending sexually explicit photos via cell phone. In today’s economy Sexting has become one of the most committed crimes that is being done by the children of our youth and some adults. A recent survey shows that 1 in 5 teens have sent nude pictures or almost nude pictures to someone via phone or internet. A national study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy revealed that 1 in 5 teen girls or 22 percent say they have electronically sent or posted nude or semi-nude images online of themselves.

Many teens do not feel that Sexting is a big deal, while some teens are not aware of the Sexting outbreak or the consequences. In order to notify the teens who do not know about Sexting, schools should have an assembly informing the teens about the consequences. Over the years Sexting has increased in the age ranges of 13-17 and decreased at the age of 18. Officials say that the Sexting rates decrease at 18 because that is the time where teens go off to college and have no time to waste with finals and other exams being given.

Minors who have sent sext have been charged with a felony and are forced to register as sex offenders, while teenagers receive punishment for Sexting, the extent should not be as harsh as it is. Committing the crime of Sexting is a serious thing because you are distributing child pornography. Distributing pornography can land you 5 years in a federal prison. Teens need to be aware of the permanent action they are taking when “Sexting” through technology, especially in today’s technology, because it can be forwarded to anyone on any website.
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