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STI College Balayan

Archive Library System

A partial requirement for Advance Database by the student of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Jun G. Bugtong
Jessa R. Caraig
Eunice B. Cabrera
Lito S. Dellamas

Carlo Ambagan
System Adviser

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.1 Background of Study
2.2 Statement of the Problem
2.3.1 General Problem
2.3.2 Specific Problem
2.3 Objectives of the Study
2.4.3 General Objectives
2.4.4 Specific Objectives
2.4 Significances of the Study
2.5 Scope and limitation
2.0 Methodology of the Study
3.0 Data Gathering Procedures and Outputs
4.0 Documentation of the Current System
5.0 Software/Project Estimation
6.6 Schedule of Activities
6.7 Cost of Estimation
6.0 Hardware Specification
7.0 Software Specification
8.0 Design/ Interface with Functionality
9.0 Program Codes
10.0 Software Testing
11.0 Software Maintenance Plan

-Person Resourse

1.0 Introduction

This System will provide the user the maintainance of the books in the library.

1.1 Background of the Study

The current processing of the transactions in the library nowadays is, well, a little bit in the old fashion way. Users and library personnel use manual cards for every library transaction which takes some time and is very incovenient during the time of immediate needs.

We built this system to help the staff and the users of the library to make the transactions easier, with lesser time for transaction processing and to make the library accomodate more people.

1.2 Satement of the Problem

The statement of the problem is the main problem that the system encountered.

1.2.1 General Problem

-How will the system help the staff and users of the library?
-How the maintenance of the books in the library be easily done?

-How to avoid the duplication of data?
-How to find the books easier?
-How to easily find the lidt of the unreturned books and the one who borrowed it?
-How to avoid the cheat in logged-in and logged-out time?
-How to avoid the paper wasted?
-How to avoid the poor storing of data?
-How to avoid the delaying of ttransaction in the library?

1.3 Objectives of the Study

This statement contain the main objectives of the system.

1.3.1 General Objectives

-To help the current library to become moreefficientt to the user and the staff.
-To make the books maintenance easier and user friendly interface.

1.3.2 Specific Problem

- To avoid the duplication of data.
-To find the books easier.
-To easily find the lidt of the unreturned books and the one who borrowed it.
-To avoid the cheat in logged-in and logged-out time.
-To avoid the paper wasted
-To avoid the poor storing of data.
-To avoid the delaying of transaction in the library.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to help the current transaction and maintenace of the library to become easier and less-time its takes the work to be done.

1.5 Scope and Limitation


The scope of the system include the following:

-to enhance the transaction processes in the library
-to mantain the stocks of the books in the library
-to have user and staff maitenace
-to make the work easier
-to have a quikly and corret transaction


The limitation of the system include the following:

-the system does not limits the user that uses this system
-the system can’t be operate by an ordinary person
-the system life is limited; which means it can’t uses on a new operating system -the system does not be responsible for any lost of data about the books and the person who use
the library

2.0 Methodology of the Study

1. First we choose this...
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