A Computerized Library Management System

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Today, we live in an electronic age where knowledge is produced and communicated at expanding rates and this will certainly bring changes in the character of conventional library operations.
Libraries in this rapidly changing society underscore access to information rather than building a collection of books and other forms of printed knowledge.
In this historical development of libraries, Prof. Vallejo mentioned that the provision of information was done through traditional methods that were found to be adequate before the deluge of information bearing document and the increase user demands for fast and accurate information. The traditional retrieval tools are card catalog, periodical indexes and bibliographies. Cataloging and classification, indexing, compiling of bibliographies and reference service were done manually. However, with the increasing number of literature in all disciplines of study and the proliferation of various types of documents, the scattering of periodical literature and the immediate demand for them have made these tools inadequate. To speed up the information transfer process in an emerging information age library, libraries are introduced to new techniques of information storage and retrieval in which has become the focal point of the new field of information science.

The application of computer technology to libraries and information services enhances the delivery of library service and provide increased access to information.
The traditional way of gathering information is the manual system. The use of this system can be time consuming and can cause date redundancy. Fred R. McFadden and Jerry Hopper stated that "In the Manual System, data files are decentralized. Although the system works, it has number of deficiencies or disadvantages. One of which is duplicate data exist throughout the organizations, which result in lack of consistency and miscommunication. (Data Management, 2005, page 12)

Because of these deficiencies or disadvantages, man adapted the rapidly evolving of Information Age or what is known as the Computer Age. McFadden and Hopper also mentioned "It is tempting to assume a computer would help eliminate many shortcoming of a manual system information system, and it is true. A computer will often permit data to be processed faster and more accurately."

Because of the characteristics of processing data faster and more accurate, computers play an important role in our everyday living. It is observed that computers were used in various fields. It is mentioned by H.L. Capron that computers have moved into every nook and cranny of our daily lives."(Computer: Tools for An Information Age, 2006, page 12-13)

In the book of Febes A. De Guzman and Ines Alcantara - De Guzman, the importance of using computers was also stated:
A computer makes doing almost anything easier. Since it is an electronic device, it operates at a speed of electronic flow, which is measured in trillions of a second. These high-speed results are also accomplished with high accuracy. Since the computer is programmed correctly and incoming data is error-free, the accuracy of the output is almost guaranteed. This can carry out a sequence of operation without human intervention. (Computer And Word Processing, 2005, page 13)

The collection of written knowledge in some sort of repository is a practice as old as civilization itself. About 30,000 clay tablets found in ancient Mesopotamia date back more than 5,000 years. Archaeologists have uncovered papyrus scrolls from 1300-1200bc in the ancient Egyptian cities of Amarna and Thebes and thousands of clay tablets in the palace of King Sennacherib, Assyrian ruler from 704-681bc, at Nineveh, his capital city. More evidence turned up with the discovery of the personal collection of Sennacherib's grandson, King Ashurbanipal. 

The name for the repository eventually became the library. Whether private or public, the library has been...
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