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TITLE : Compare and contrast libraries and the internet as the two major sources of information for use in academic written work.

With the advancement of technology today, it can facilitate us to obtain the information easily. The conventional way that is still being practised nowadays to obtain information is by going to library. Libraries and internet are the two major sources of information for use in academic written work. Both sources play an important role. However, the library and the Internet have many differences and it can be compare and contrast authentically, convenient and limitation of resources.

First of all, internet is more convenient than libraries when we want to obtain the information. By using internet, we can obtain the information anywhere and anytime by using with the invention of new gadgets such as Smart phone, iPad or tabs. It is also beneficial as the using of internet is way faster and convenient to obtain the information. Contrarily, we could also using libraries to obtain information by searching books and journals with the systematically listed index or label catalogue. We can also ask for assistance from reference librarians to find what we are searching for. But we can only search information only during the open hour of libraries because most of libraries closed at night.

In addition, the limitation of resources can affect us when we want to find the required information. The amount of information and knowledge materials of internet is much greater than the libraries. The libraries can only store limited amount of books, articles and journals. However, in the internet, they put more information than the libraries and we can get enormous research resources.

In terms of authenticity of information, the library has variety of materials such as books, journals, newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias that can be as a reference...
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