Computer Aplication in a Library

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 Areas of Computer Application in Library: A modern library cannot be imagined without the application of computers. In the library and information centres computers can be used for performing efficiently all sorts of jobs from the procurement of the reading materials to their organization and use. So, it can serve as a remedy for all the existing problems of libraries and information centres. But, till now computers have been used successfully in the following areas of library activities.  A) Library House Keeping Operation: In case of library house keeping operation, the computer is used for acquisition of books and other reading materials, their classification, cataloguing, circulation and serial control. a) Acquisition: The selection of materials can be made by the computer. Any library which is a part of online computerized library system has access to catalogue entries and bibliographic data of all the libraries in the system. These databases can be used as a selection tools to purchase new documents for the particular library in question. Other offline databases can also be used as selection tools for non current documents and sometimes out of print books. For other documents, conventional book selection methods may be used. The MARC bibliographic record service has opened up a new vista in both cataloguing and bibliographic database that can be used as a book selection tool. The ordering and acquisition are the routine jobs in the library and for a single time ordering it requires repetitive operation by different sections. These repetitive operations and the requisite checking can very well be done by the application of the computer system. Both offline and online acquisition can be performed by the use of computers. b) Classification: A computer based classification system is being experimented at the Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore. It is based on Colon Classification System. c) Cataloguing: The computerized cataloguing system...
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