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New Military Base
There are many types of military bases; some have piers for ships and submarines, others have air strips for planes and others provide training for military members. A new military installation can provide employment opportunities for community members. A military base can increase the revenue generated by local businesses, create job opportunities for locals and even add revenue to our local government. A military base will be a good addition to the community. A new military base will provide employment for locals. People are needed to build infrastructure for service members to work, train and live in. Also, community members will be able to apply for civilian jobs on the base. Civilian jobs on military bases are available in every profession imaginable, there are currently 180,000 civilians serving in the United States military. The military base hourly rates are normally higher than what is offered by local businesses. Locals will enjoy the wealth of opportunity that will be created by adding a base. A military base will provide more revenue for local businesses. Local businesses will benefit from the addition of service members to the community. Military personnel have a steady income; they are paid on the first and fifteenth of each month. Local restaurants will benefit from the increase of patrons, which can cause the number of restaurants in our community to increase. The barbershops will benefit from the military hair requirements for men. The male hair should be neat and well groomed. Hair above the ears and around the neck needs to be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least ¾ inch style. Thus, male service members will have to get a haircut every week or every two weeks. Apartment and home owners will benefit from the addition of military personnel; members normally buy or rent homes in the local area. A base can add between $2 million to $3 billion to our community, opening a military base would be a...

References: Schunk, Donald L. “The Economic Impact of
South Carolina’s Military Bases.” Business and
Economic Review., 2004 Web. November 2012
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