As a Manager What Steps Would You Take to Motivate Your Employees After Observing Them Perform Well?

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This project is fully about reservation for the Maple Green Resort. Maple Green Resort introduce the reservation where guests and tourists can now reserve their rooms, check holiday promotion schedules and obtain latest update on Maple Green Resort promotions from the internet or phone. This system is well known as E-Maple Green Reservation System. This is standalone system and it gives more benefit for guests and management of Maple Green Resort to manage and control all reservations booking with systematically. Before this, we know that reservation room can make through phone call. By using this method, it can produce a lot of problem which is the staff must write down the information of customer into a piece of paper. The possibility of the copied data will be easily lost. So with this system, they just need wireless connection and serve our system. From that they can make online reservation. Customers also have their time to think and choose what the best for their family or friends. This system also can keep the customers detail and the important data such as about the customers booking. For the calculation of amount, this system will avoid mistake and customer will know about the payment amount after they finish do the reservation. So it provides the benefit which is customer can know about their budget. This system not just provided benefit to the customer but also for the staff and management that they can input all the information to the customer and manage the system.

All operation in Maple Green Resort is using computerized system. We have a wide range of ICT specialist skills to Maple Green Resort maintain the integration of reservation. It is important so that we can provide the good services to all customers.

* Profile
Company Name : Maple Green Island Resorts
Type of Company : Partnership Company
Date of Establish : 29 February 2002
Loan: RM 1 million
Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad
Company Address: Maple Green Resorts, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu.
Web Site:
Contact: +60172434507 (Atiqah)
+60172949399 (Atikah)
+60179654566 (Faizuddin)

* Mission
Our mission is to more efficient in works, be loyal and responsibility with our tourist either local or outsider base from their life, health and their safety.

* Vision
Maple Green is a resort at Perhentian Island in Terengganu who wish to do their best to be the 1st resort in Malaysia and South East Asia that more on natural environment based on integrity and others core value in our resort.

* Before this, customer has to fill in the form using paper. This will cause the customer to take a time when they want to fill the form. It increasing the wasting time to the customer.

* Besides that, the document from the customer will had more chance to be lost than using the database system to their company.

* More than that, the document was not manageable as it seen. There is still not enough space to put the document in managing way.

* Moreover, using paper increasing the budget to the company. They have to buy the paper more than twice times in a week.

To achieve the mission mentioned before, our company has set several objectives such as listed below:

* To overcome the traditional method which is difficult to book the rooms and arrangement of data is not smooth.

* To help customer and tourist booking rooms more easily.

* To save cost and time.

* To more secure because only authorized person can make changes in management department.

* To give a best services and perfect leisure to our entire tourist based on our natural rainforest and sea view environment.

* Serve our customer the best and high standard in all our business transaction.

* We will...
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