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Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: March 1, 2014
Axe Essence

Advertisements in the media today use many different techniques in order to sway specific audiences into buying their product. One of the most common and very effective tactic particularly for men is sex appeal. In today's society, advertisements and subliminal messaging have men leading to believe that obtaining sex with multiple women makes them a successful person and a better man. There are many brands products that advertisers portray for this very reason. Many products that these advertisers sell are supposedly able to aid a man attract women and obtain sex. A popular product that is marketed this way is Axe body spray. An ad for “Axe Essence Body Spray” is an example of how advertisers take advantage of the use of sex appeal for men. The ad implies that using Axe Essence body spray you will attract beautiful women and it will make you more of a man since you’ll have “man’s essence” and you will feel better about your self-image, more successful in life, and therefore be more content. The Axe ad portrays women as sex objects in society’s cultural norm and stereotypes men always desiring sex. On the flipside, if the man's role was reversed with the woman it would portray the woman as being promiscuous, thus, creating a negative image on the woman. On the surface, the advertisement snaps to the eye and does a great job attracting attention with it's digital photoshop. The advertisement is attempting to sell body spray. The Axe Essence magazine ad is a picture of a caucasian man and woman, an assumed couple, walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight, together, with two store windows behind them. The man's legs have paused and is facing the store window on the right, which has a curvy female mannequin dressed in red lingerie in it. This appears to be a lingerie store for women. The man's upper body is continuing walking happily with his arm around his assumed girlfriend. In the bottom right corner of the ad is says,“Part Good. Part...
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