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Topics: Cigarette, Camel, Smoking Pages: 3 (593 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Kaseem Johnson
Prof Ianovici
Freshman Composition
September 22, 2014

Did you know that Camel cigarettes has been around since 1913, and Camel became the first nationally popular cigarette in the United States? Also the 20-cigarette pack was introduced by Reynolds Tobacco in 1913, and in 1915 the company introduced the one-piece, 10-pack carton. Once the owner Reynolds died at the age of 68, Brown & Williamson purchased the company. In 1933 they launched KOOL cigarettes, the first U.S. menthol brand to gain nationwide distribution.

Camel ad first goes for the idea about moments, imagination, and discovery with their cigarettes and the slogan taste it all. Camel wants you to remember your life moments while smoking their cigarettes, it shows a girl enjoying a cigarette looking into the distances. Camel wants you to use your imagination when it comes to smoking their brand of cigarettes, the ad shows an old fashion wedding with candles flying away. Also Camel wants you to discovery yourself, that why Camel have a women hiding behind a mask. Once Camel says taste it all, the want you to feel that all over again in every single cigarette. The color blue is the background, which blue shows is cool and calm. Major part of the ad is the Surgeon Generals Warning which says cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide. By law Camel have to put the warning because people has the right to know.

Camel use the ad to show messages that creates an emotional appeal, adventure and imagination that targets its female side of the market. Camel is going for emotions, advertisers went for women emotions because women are very emotional, and focusing on feelings in the consumer while creating associations. Most women want to be a part of adventure and spontaneity, and value love, and imagination. Camel shows these feelings by the visuals and slogans in the ad. Camel wants their female consumers to fulfill this certain lifestyle. The picture of the woman’s face, engages with a...
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