Active and Passive voice

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Active and Passive voice

Grammar: Active and Passive voice

                The formula of active voice is a common structure of a sentence; it should consist of subject, verb and object. If we want to change the structure into passive voice, we should change some of the elements in the sentence. The formula both of the voices are shown below:

Active voice
S + V + O + adjective/adverb
Examples of the sentences
1.       Agus gives Rany a present in her birthday.
2.       They punched the thief yesterday.
3.       You wrote application letter for our company. 4.       Andy kicks the ball.

Passive voice
S + to be + VIII + by + O + Adjective/adverb
Examples of the sentences   
1.       The ball is kicked by Andy.
2.       Rany is given a present in her birthday by Agus. 3.       The thief was punched by them yesterday.
4.       Application letter was written by me for your company. In passive voice, there is also positive, negative and interrogative form of the sentence. The form is like the common formula. The example as follow:

1.       The boy is accompanied by his family.
1. Is the boy accompanied by his family?
2.        The tiger is killed by the hunter.
2. Is the tiger killed by the hunter?
3.       They are leaved by the teacher.
3. Are they leaved by the teacher?
4.       We are cheated by the officer.
4. Are the cheated by the officer?
5.       The garden is cleaned by Lisa.
5. Is the garden cleaned by Lisa?

Who – question
1.       The boy is not accompanied by his family.
1.Who is accompanied the boy?
2.        The tiger is not killed by the hunter.
2. Who is killed the tiger?
3.       They are not leaved by the teacher.
3. Who are leaved by the teacher?
4.       We are not cheated by the officer.
4. Who are the cheated to us?
5.       The garden is not cleaned by Lisa.
5. Who is cleaned the garden?


Simple present
Am / are / is + Past participle (VIII)
Present continuous
Am / are /  is being + Pas participle (VIII)
Simple past
Was / were + Past participle (VIII)
Past continuous
Was / were being + Past participle (VIII)
Present prefect
Have / has been + Past participle (VIII)
Past perfect
Had  been + Past participle (VIII)
Will future
Will be + Past participle (VIII)
Future perfect
Will have been + Past participle (VIII)
Going to future
Am / are / is going to be + Past participle (VIII

umus dan Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice in Simple Past Tense
Soal Simple Past Tense
Pages: 1 2 3
Rumus Passive Voice in Simple Past Tense
Passive voice dalam simple past tense dibentuk oleh auxiliary verb was/were dan past participle. Subject pada passive voice merupakan object pada active voice dengan was untuk subject tunggal, sedangkan were untuk subject jamak. Adapun agent pada passive voice merupakan subject pada active voice.  Berikut rumus passive voice dalam simple past tense:

Active Voice
Passive Voice
S + verb-2 + direct object
S (direct object) + was/were + past participle +/- by … (agent) Rumus di atas berlaku untuk transitive verb. Bagaimana dengan intransitive verb? Kalimat dengan intransitive verb mungkin dapat dipasifkan jika memiliki prepositional phrase (lihat: Passive Voice pada Intransitive Verb). Subject pada passive voice merupakan object of preposition pada active voice. Active Voice

Passive Voice
S + verb-2int + preposition + object of preposition
S (object of preposition) + was/were + past participle + preposition +/- by … (agent) Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice in Simple Past Tense
Beberapa contoh kalimat passive voice dalam simple past tense adalah sebagai berikut. No.
Active Voice
Passive Voice
Sunmark Press printed the first book in 2005.
(Sunmark Press mencetak buku pertama tersebut pada tahun 2005.) The first book was printed in 2005 by Sunmark Press.
(Buku pertama tersebut dicetak pada tahun 2005 oleh Sunmark Press.) 2
Someone left the letter when he was...

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