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Personal Action Plan: Stress Management
Kyrie Hannaford
Southern New Hampshire University

What is Stress? Stress is a physical response to events whether bad or good. Everybody has stress but, not all stress is bad stress. Stress can be caused by both environment and genes. There are at least three different types of stress routine stress (everyday stress), sudden stress brought about by a sudden negative change, and traumatic stress which can happen when you’re seriously ill. Stress is the body’s normal reaction to events whether negative or positive. Introduction

We had to take the Holmes and Rahe self-assessment. I got 211 on the Holmes and Rahe self-assessment. Honestly, going into taking the assessment I thought I was going to have a higher score. Though there wasn’t anything on the assessment about kids which adds a lot of stress especially if you have children who have special needs. I checked off change in sleeping habits on the assessment which is due to one of my children which really causes me a lot of stress and compromises my immune system. I only get about two hours a sleep a night, every month I get maybe one day where I get more than that. I get sick very easily because I’m so worn down all the time. This probably affects my stress a lot more because it impacts my ability as a wife and a mother. I have a medical condition called Hypothyroidism which causes me a ton of stress as well because I’m always tired and not feeling well due to it. My husband’s grandfather recently found out that his cancer returned so it puts more stress on me. I have to take care of not only my family but his grandparent’s as well. It is a lot of work and I always worry about having enough time in the day to do everything for my family plus his grandparents which makes it hard to find time to do my school work. When I do it usually is at night after my kids are in bed but most nights I seem to pass out before them and get nothing done. Then I start to stress about getting everything done on time. Analysis

If I do nothing about the current situation I could potentially fall ill myself. If I make some changes to the current situation the upside will be more time with my family and I will be happier. I find it will be hard to be make any changes because I can’t change my love one’s health. I could see if over family members are willing to share some of the responsibilities.

Stress can make an impact on people’s decisions as discussed in the article, “Stress changes how people make decisions.” I know when I’m stressed I don’t always make the best decisions because I’m not thinking about the pros and cons of each choice. When I’m stressed I tend to be impulsive and just do things without thinking about the possible consequences. So I think this study is pretty accurate in its findings. I also relate to the findings in “How to predict who will suffer from the most from stress." When they were talking about students and how there is less stress at the beginning of term they tend to stress more when it comes to finals. They talked about how worrying early on will have increased stressed later in the course. Which for me is the case, I look at the syllabus and I get myself stressed for what is asked for later in the course and I become even more stressed as the course goes on. There’s quite a few different stress management techniques I could use in order to manage my everyday stress. I tend to stress over things that aren’t in my control. Like for example I worry about what other people should be doing. I need to use the technique don’t try to control the uncontrollable. I stress about everything that needs to be done that I forget to relax and have fun sometimes which I need to implement into my everyday life to reduce the stress. This also goes with looking at the big picture like is it going to affect me in the long run that something didn’t get done right away the answer is probably not so I shouldn’t let it get to...

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