Acquiring Another Company

Topics: Need, Gain, Success Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: March 9, 2009
Acquiring another Company
An organization such as Kudler Fine Foods would indefinitely benefit in having an option such as acquiring another company in the same industry to help gain greater success. It is an opportunity that can make or break the company. To acquire another company should be a beneficial tool in which will help the organization prosper to a higher level. In search for another company Kudler Fine Foods ought to consider the needs of its company. If the company is in need of help or resources, it should consider in acquiring another organization that will help fill in the need and bring-in more revenue. In developing Strengths of Acquiring

One of Kudler Fine Foods mission is to provide a delightful and pleasing shopping experience for all customers within their 3 locations. To acquire another company that will help them accomplish that mission would be very beneficial and a helpful advantage. An advantage in which can be a positive option for Kudler Fine Foods. In doing so, Kudler Fine Foods will have new innovative ideas to bring greater horizons. Weaknesses of Acquiring

Expanding its operations by acquiring another organization can be risky and complicated. If by which the organization makes a bad move in gaining another company, it can usually end its success or loose revenue. Sometimes the outcome of acquiring another company can be a mistake in which before the organization can mislead employees and have a downfall. This can lead into downsizing, layoffs, and lowering salaries. Customers also can change their loyalty and because of the previous loyalty of the other organization. The history of the acquired company can be negative in which customers can decide to not be associated with. There are many factors to consider before obtaining “help.” Opportunities of Acquiring

A great opportunity for Kudler Fine Foods, would be to grow as a successful and loyal operation for its customers. If the decision to acquire another...
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