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Case Study The Layoff Robin Astrigo, CEO of Astrigo Holdings, has recently discovered that his business is beginning to suffer financially. Profits are significantly decreasing despite company promotions, inventory cuts, and expense adjustments. In addition, Astrigo Holdings is losing sales to other competitive retailers with more reasonably priced products. The business needs to make a change in order to pick itself up from this recession. Mr. Astrigo has come to the conclusion that multiple...

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The Layoff

critical acquisitions. And his father also taught Robin that to keep its reputation for great customer service and the company had to treat employees well. But the situation is not good in terms of profits & that’s why company is thinking about the layoff strategy. It has tried reducing inventory and unnecessary expenses. Lay off is like a last resolution. Robin is in a fix about the possible solutions to save the company’s image and also its employees. The Issues 1. Recession Period ...

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Alternatives to Layoffs

Alternatives to Layoffs Layoffs, a short term fix, detrimental to the company, should be the last resort Layoffs are done to save money. Unfortunately, they are usually a short term fix, detrimental to the company. So why do so many companies persist in using layoffs as a first choice for cutting costs, and what are some of the alternatives. Sometimes things don't work out as forecast. Clients delay purchases. Suppliers raise prices. Competitors steal market share. Quarterly, at least in...

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Layoff Incentives

The Layoff The recent recession has brought about various major concerns amongst the most well off corporations in the United States. In the case of Astrigo, they missed their earnings estimate by 20 cents a share. Even with all the dropped expenses and inventory, Astrigo’s profits dropped by double digits. Astrigo, in which prides itself in having the best customer service in the retail industry, was losing sales to cheap retail stores with less than respectable customer service. Customer expectations...

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After the layoff, what's next?

accompanying 20% surge in the chain’s stock price. But the truth was, success wasn’t tasting as sweet as Denton had hoped it would. The problem, Denton knew, was that Delarks’s transformation had involved quite a bit of bloodshed in the form of layoffs. Turnarounds always do; Denton had made that clear to his direct reports in his first week on the job. His strategy included refurbishing dowdy-looking stores and slashing overhead to meet the huge remodeling costs. And the strategy emphasized the...

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Reoganization And Layoff Decision Making Evaluation

 Re-organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper Learning Team B PHL/320 February 2, 2015 University of Phoenix Re-organization and Layoff: Decision and Evaluation Paper Managing a company’s finances can be very challenging and companies that find it difficult to conquer this challenge, experience a downturn, a decline in business, and when this occurs the need to find solutions to alleviate their financial issues becomes crucial. One solution that companies seem to implement...

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Layoffs is not the best solution in a downturn. Comment  (View Comments) Kamal Kapoor - Winner of the month Posted On Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 04:55:26 PM [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] "Will I able to survive in my organisation or will my organisation survive in this bad time?" is a question which every person is asking himself/herself these days. In today's phase of economic recession, every organisation and employee is concerned about his/her fate. Companies are trying to cut costs as...

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entitled to full basic wages and dearness allowance for that part of the day;] Rights and Obligations Resulting from lay-off Layoff is not a right conferred upon the employer but an obligation that the unemployment is temporary in nature and in a reasonable time the laid off worker will be restored his position. However, there is no indication regarding the time layoff will continue. 25C. RIGHT OF WORKMEN LAID OFF FOR COMPENSATION Whenever a workman (other than a badli workman or a casual workman)...

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Decision Making Evaluation Paper Final

 Re-organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper Christine Erickson, Loretta Campbell, Amie Evans, Candace Valek PHL/320 November 3, 2014 Richsarod Hudson Re-organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper All businesses at one time or another will have to deal with employee layoffs due to a re-organization or changes in the economy. Employee layoffs can have a damaging impact to the remaining employee and management staff. There are several solutions that can be done...

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Dismissal Meeting Paper

11, 2014 Dismissal Meeting The purpose for writing this paper is to describe and explain the steps involved in coordinating and heading a dismissal meeting for an employee layoff. The contents of this paper will include a proposal of ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. There will also be mention of a step-by-step process used in conducting the meeting. In addition, the human resource manager of the organization will determine the compensation...

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Classical School

saved. I also will look at who has not been there more than two years. I would include all of the management team when making this decision. I will also look at every employee’s record and job performance. According to Dunn, 2010, “The effects of layoffs can hurt morale and linger for months. The supervisor’s Classical School 4 ability to encourage the team to move on will be reinforced by her communication and influencing skills. Laying off is a very hard process. It’s not something that you can...

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 Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper Week 4, Team C Assignment PHL/320 Aug. 03, 2015 Oni Boston Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper Introduction A solution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. (Dictionary). Identifying solutions for a business or company is imperative for its success. In week four team reading, Team C brought their ideas together and solutions for identified problem, mismanaged layoffs can go 'horribly wrong" is...

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Management Changes Affects Employee Morale

company overall. However, it may affect the remaining employee’s morale. Some organizations changes such as layoffs, reduce work hours, a stagnate in benefits increases and rewards may result in management trying to figure out a way to motivate and gain employees trust and loyalty. Layoffs When an organization experiences a downturn in the economy, they may be force to perform employee layoffs. Organizations such as the Boeing Company announced in September 2001, that they will be cutting 10,000...

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Responses to Three Employment Law Encounters

they were being affected by this last measure and was going to have to take steps to ensure that the Company is not affected. I am the senior manager in human resources department and was given the task of having to choose three of six employees for layoffs. As responsible leaders and managers have the task and responsibility to evaluate them in a fair and equitable way for all parties. The Company had a record of the human resources department as these six employees had performed their work for the...

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Cat Is Out of the Bag

Cat is out of the bag: KANA and Layoff Gone Awry(A) 1) Who are the key constituents in this case and identify each of their interests? The key constituents in this case are in the table below: Constituents Vicki (VP of Int. and HR) and Bryan Kettle (CFO) Chuck Bay (CEO) and Tom Doyle (COO) Customers Terminated employees and unions Survivor employees Managers The investment Community HRManagement Interests making the layoff process go as smoothly and transparently for the business...

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Downsizing is rough

much help to give the laid-off employees in finding other jobs. The manager also had to weigh the impact on service delivery : would public safety be cut, if the city could still afford to provide quality-of-life services. Also which staff should layoff: last hired or first fired, on a 10% seniority basis. Also with the employees being laid-off, how many employees from which department needed to be laid-off. 5 Why was it a problem that a comprehensive downsizing plan had not been developed? It...

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Operational Reorganization

be established and measured against our budgets. Step 2 – Reduction in Work Force Implementation (Week 2) The uncertainty resulting from a reduction in work force is a major concern for all employees. All too often, I have been involved in layoff situations, downsizing, rightsizing or however management chooses to characterize the manpower adjustment. When the fear of losing your job hangs over your head or your co-workers head, it impacts the entire organization and it overtakes productive...

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Case Study Hsbc

they may not dare to join the celebration. It is because most of them would become unemployed in the next second. HSBC announced its strategy to cut 30,000 jobs before 2013 for cost savings and shaping the business strategy. Due to the HSBC’s layoff plan, the bank creates tension between the shareholders and the employees, employees are afraid of losing their jobs. The morale and productivity of the company is then sharply decreased. Therefore, we are going to address the problems and find out...

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Managing Change Ethically

outsourcing and offshoring contribute to organizational gains by reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing profitability, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2004, 60% of all layoffs entailed domestic relocation of business activities with outsourcing representing approximately 11% of all layoff actions and offshoring roughly 20% (Robertson, Lamin & Livanis, 2010). According to Argosy (2010), “outsourcing business operations requires careful ethical considerations that should...

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Lay Off

Cox - member of Astrigo PR team, handling the Internal communication  Sushil Bhatia – Vice President of marketing and strategy. 3. Course of Action The worldwide economy is currently recovering from the global economic crisis. A crisis that “layoff” employees of the different company. Mostly affected is the United States of America. Lay-Off means - When a company eliminates jobs regardless of how good the employees' performance. This is usually because the company is facing financial difficulties...

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Case Study for Psychology

schedule can not allow for that, but Michael receives visitation every two weeks and his employer has announced financial restrictions that could result in possible layoffs. Since Michael is divorced he has purchased a new townhouse and pays support for his children, he now fears for the possible loss of his job. What if he was put on layoff status and could not afford to pay the mortgage for his home or support his children? This stress is causing Michael serious health issues, such as the chest pains...

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Restructuring & Downsizing

mergers, acquisitions, sell-offs, or restructuring to better enable the organization to meet its mission or fill an environmental niche. It may involve reduction in personnel through transfers, outplacement, retirement incentives, buyout packages, layoffs, attrition, and so on or may occur in which new products added, new sources of revenue are opened up, etc. It affects work processes. Fewer employees may be left to do the same amount of work and the quality may suffer. Downsizing activities may include...

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The Implications of Downsizing for the Workforce, the Organizations, and the Society

hold talented people affected by the downsizing. , The employees on the outside labor market don’t believe such an organization as a valued environment to work as make layoffs. Therefore, downsizing reduces the organization's skill to attract, develop, and keep talented people. Also, some of the most capable employees who survived layoffs volunteer to leave the organization, as the new organizational philosophy that performed isn’t corresponding to their values. Loose of competitiveness. Because the...

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The Impact of Downsizing on Human Resource Management

a tough decision and handling these decisions should center on the employees, employers, and the laws governing layoffs from corporations. The Human Resource Manager has to take into consideration the effect that eliminating jobs will have on the workforce of the company whether it is the employee that is leaving the company or the employee that is staying on with the company. Layoffs influence both sets of workers and not only do this affect employee morale, but also are a major concern of the...

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Human Resource Current Event

loss of jobs that would leave tens of thousands out of jobs. For now however, they believe cutting 350 jobs will take care of the problem. To alleviate the problem the company has offered voluntary layoffs but it plans to move into involuntary ones next year. In response to the necessary involuntary layoffs, the corporation has another option; they could potentially offer voluntary relocation programs. These would involve taking people who are willing from the Electronic Systems division and retraining...

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Dismissal Meeting

employee layoff. When the economy — or a company’s business — goes south, the quickest way a company can chop its costs is by laying off its employees. It’s never popular and often companies will try other cost-cutting measures long before they have to cut workers, but if you’re among those who get the pink slip, you don’t really care. You just lost your job. For many, being laid off is something that will be unexpected and shocking. Unless you work in a seasonal industry where layoffs occur with...

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Case Study Report on Communicating Change

Executive summary This report analysis the strategy used by Television New Zealand (TVNZ) for managing and communicating its massive unplanned change of direction and employee layoff relating to Horizon Pacific Television Network. Research for this report included review of several communication literatures via UniSA e reader and web pages. The report finds that communication strategies used such as face-to-face communication channel, human resources assistance, withhold and uphold strategy...

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Organizational Behavior

causes workers to think about their future and how they are going to make ends meet. Work schedules and the lenghth of hours an employee works affect physical well-being and family relationships, this could have a negative impact on productivity. Layoffs affect the mental and physical well-being to work behavior. Many employees are working without benefits and no chance of advancement. As more and more organizations are making decisions to reduce benefits to cut cost, employees are worried how to...

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Selecting a Manager for a Nigerian Facility

After taking the company’s offer Russ has been out of job for nearly 30 months. Assumptions Profitability has declined through out 1980’s. We assume that GM already well acquainted with the situation. By end of 1990 till 1995 before planning layoffs; the company had taken required remedial steps for e.g. Introduction of new technologies, cost cutting strategies in production, reaching new markets and other marketing strategies. Evaluation Was the decision of McDonald right? Problems: ...

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Motivational Methods

Positive Downsizing Organizational downsizing constitutes a set of activities designed to improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. These activities are undertaken by management. Whether implemented through attrition, layoffs, hiring freezes or a combination of these methods it is usually cost driven and considered more efficient for the organization. The success of the downsizing requires a well restructuring plan, good communication regarding the plan, employee involvement...

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Global Management

estimated income as well as the responsibilites that will be required as Blackbelt Leader Key Terms: Workforce Transition; Early Retirement, Layoffs and Downsizing. Early Retirement Package It is understandable that in today’s economy companies are looking to reduce costs by downsizing the workforce either through early retirement programs or layoffs. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the early retirement package that is being offered to me. I have frequently thought about what...

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Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan: Scott Paper Company

lines and some irrelevant business ventures; a lagging revenue stream and stock price, also contributed to the massive restructuring. In a 1996 interview with economics correspondent Paul Solman, Al Dunlop showed no remorse or regret regarding the layoffs when he was asked what his definition of corporate responsibility, his response was cut and dry. He stated: "A corporation is in business to make money for its shareholders. That is the essence of the free enterprise system. Business is not a social...

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Reaction Paper on Roger and Me

Throughout the film it is clear that General Motors was a huge factor in Flint’s financial system and slowly by surely it becomes evident that many of the residents living in Flint were eventually someway shape or form affected by layoffs from General Motors. These layoffs came from General Motors attempt to adopt the concept of globalization, all the while General Motors tries to make sense out of the lay offs by stating that the Japanese auto makers were intense competition and their only result...

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Westwood Publishing

Publishing is a magazine publishing company. • Dan Cassidy is director of employee relations for Westwood Publishing. • Catherine Callahan is the vice president of human resources. • Catherine Callahan proposed that with the layoffs, offer a voluntary severance package or early retirement package. • Westwood Publishing had never laid off anyone in the 13 years of their existence. • Started in 1995 by Linda Bosworth with only $10,000 borrowed from her father. ...

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Corporate Downsizing

(Mishra et al., 1998). The term "downsizing" was coined to describe the action of dismissing a large portion of a company's workforce in a very short period of time. According to online encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org downsizing refers to "layoffs initiated by a company in order to cut labor costs by reducing the size of the company." Downsizing became a familiar management mantra in the late 1980's and early 1990's. In fact, three million jobs were lost between 1989 and 1998 (Mishra et al...

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Mr. Abhinav Sudarsi

their history. Some Basics Corporate restructuring is the process of dramatically changing a company's business model, management team or financial structure to address challenges and increase shareholder value. Restructuring may involve major layoffs or bankruptcy, though restructuring is usually designed to minimize the impact on employees, if possible. Restructuring may involve the company's sale or a merger with another company. For some businesses, restructuring is not enough to save a company...

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Pg. 21: Incident 2 – Downsizing Andpg. 37: Incident 1 – an Ethical Flaw

would react. The union would try to protect as many jobs as possible. Workers would need to be let go in seniority, meaning the last hire is the first to go. The last would be the impact on the community. IFP employs 10% of the local workforce. Layoffs would depress the local economy a little more then it already is. They could be questioned by the elected officials wondering what they could be doing to minimize the harm to the community. 3. Most companies believe that the interest of the...

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Case Study "Bad News"

stitched with threads of honest, shared values, responsibility, passion, and etc. Employees will feel betrayed, if the management will continue being paid as previously. 2. Should George tell anyone except his immediate staff about the impending layoff before the details have been worked out? The employees? Yes, He should. Fear can paralyze. A great leader once said that the greatest thing we have to fear is fear itself. The same can be said for the top managers. Managers understandably fear that...

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Employment and L-3 Communications

"Layoffs" A Persuasive Essay Rather than accept my failure after being laid off, I decided to continue with my education and keep positive while looking for a new job. Layoff is a termination of employment of an employee or a group of employees for business reasons, such as the decision that certain positions are no longer necessary. In most cases a company will buy other companies and they will no longer need double people for a position. So here's the scoop: I got let go. Harding Security and...

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How Companies Survive the Recession

accord. There are early retirement incentives in order to save money. The most feared form of downsizing is the compulsory termination, which is the act of termination based on no longer having any work to offer. Some people refer to it as a series of layoffs. Conclusion In conclusion, as the economy becomes more questionable, the main focus for companies nationwide is to maintain a balanced environment by financial organization and successful business planning. When the proper scheme is...

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Scenario One Cost Club

firing of the two employees. Stating that the firing was a downsizing, the General Manager needs to make sure to have documentation supporting the downsizing. The downsizing is legally acceptable in that it does not violate the WARN Act, a mass layoff, from the information presented. However, there are issues that should be addressed by the General Manager that could prevent the possibility of costly, public litigation due to a charge of wrongful discharge or a breach of the covenant of good...

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The Effects of Global Recession in the Unite States

The global recession has led to layoffs. Layoffs will be effecting the foreigners working in different countries. The first to be fired will be the foreigners working in a country because every country would not want to keep their citizens jobless and employ a foreigner.   the property and the construction business has fallen very low nearly 80%. There are no new projects coming up and some of the existing projects are being cancelled. Microsoft was asked to fire the foreign employees...

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human resouce management

employee is if it is in the best economic interest of the company in question. For example, the company is downsizing its workforce for economic reasons. Layoffs are common reasons for terminations in firms that are downsizing or restructuring. Courtesy should be held high in a layoff situation, giving employees who are involved in a layoff need to be given at least 60 days notice. This civility or remark is required by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). http://www...

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Human Resouce Management Homework

benefits and makes temporary layoff s amongst all employees Attrition and Hiring Freezes: increased work load and and stand still on hiring after an employee quits retires or passes away but the reamin employees still have to complete the task with less help Voluntary Seperation Programs: Offers employees the opportunity for early retiremnt or training in a different field just offers a way out without resorting to layoffs Workforce Downsizing: Layoffs within a company that are...

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Dismissal Meeting

Dismissal Meeting Dr. Obi. Iwuanyanwu HRM 530 Strategic Human Resource Management February 17, 2014 Strayer University 1. Propose three ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. Layoffs are tough for both the employee being laid off and the company for which he/she worked. The situation causes so much uncertainty amongst the remaining employees. The feeling among the employees is; if this happened to them this could happen...

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HR Law Week 2 Senario One

therefore the general manager does not have to provide a reason for the termination of the employees that he discharged as part of his downsizing initiatives. Although the downsizing is legally acceptable and does not violate the WARN Act for mass layoffs, according to the information presented, the general manager should make sure that he has the proper documentation on file to support the need to downsize since he stated downsizing as the reason for the termination. (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman,...

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Terminating employee

terminations, and layoffs may be necessary to achieve the right staff to workload balance and to stop a company from going under. At Stanton Title Insurance Company, Harvey Stanton has decided that he is going to use staff reduction to reduce organizational costs and lessen the financial loss the company is suffering due to a decline in business. He understands that he has to consider all potential HR and legal issues that may arise from his ultimate decision. With terminations and layoffs, lawsuits could...

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Essay 10

off, and 2) minimize negative outcomes of the downsizing process? With the increasing competition in today’s globalized market, lowering costs to maintain profits or to survive in the industry is the focal point of most organisations. Therefore, layoffs have become a common tactic of organisations to reduce labour and operation costs. There is no denying that reducing a workforce could improve efficiency and contains several benefits; however, it also has a number of drawbacks and even brings long-term...

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Considerations When Downsizing

regularly combined total of 4,000 hours in a week, excluding overtime (Walsh, 2013). WARN requires employers that fall under the act, to give employees, state and local officials a 60 days’ notice of any mass layoff or plant closures that are expected to last for at least six months or longer. A mass layoff is a reduction in force that is not caused by a plant closing, but that results in employment loss at a single work site during any thirty-day period for at least 500 full-time employees (regardless of...

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Getting Laid Off from a Job

The pain of financial burden is recognized once a layoff has occurred. When either spouse has been laid off and are not able to provide for the family like they have in the past, tension arises. Friction and conflict will cause arguments and disagreements. Anger will also appear and could spiral out of control. The question of maintaining the mortgage, automobile payments and giving up extra activities will be felt. Layoffs only cut into the income, but there are alternate options. A different...

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Labour Cost

Permanent surgical layoffs — releasing a percentage of the workforce with no immediate intent to bring them back. Surgical layoffs are targeted, while traditional “percentage of the workforce” layoffs tend to focus on employees with low seniority. * Effectiveness — high, only if surgical and targeted toward low-impact jobs and low performers. * Benefits — in addition to labor cost savings; you can maximize the current and future capabilities of your workforce if you do surgical layoffs. The most effective...

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needs to make a decision on what would be the most suitable plan to keep costs at a minimum but also taking into consideration the feasibility of the plan. Primarily, the plan should involve keeping the total cost (equal to the sum of hiring costs, layoff costs, inventory costs and both regular and overtime labour costs) as low as possible. It should also take into account other factors such as the fact that firing staff and hiring and training new employees brings its own headaches, especially in...

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Guest Speaker Elementary Recognition

to be leaving here on short notice," don't wait until you're handed a pink slip to start thinking about your next career move. Here are nine tips that can help make a layoff less traumatic, and put you on track to quickly land a new job. Assess Your Next Move It can be unnerving to show up for work every day knowing that a layoff is looming. Help relieve some of that tension by taking stock of your professional situation. Ask yourself: 1) If you had to change jobs quickly, would you pursue the...

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Reason for change

able to promote part time employees and offer benefits. References Leban, B., & Stone, R. (2008). Managing Organizational Change. : John Wiley & Sons Inc. Portillo, E. (2011). Lowe’s layoff cut back on middle managers. Retrieved from http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/01/26/2012541/lowes- layoffs-cut-back-on-middle.html ...

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Stonewall Industries Limited

of one full-time position (Belcourt & McBey, p. 131). This techniques allows companies to retain valued and experienced employees. A similar technique is worksharing, which is a program offered by the federal government that helps companies avoid layoffs by offering income support and redistribution of work to employees while the company undergoes recovery. It may be more ideal for Stonewall Industries to explore medium-term cost adjustment strategies, in comparison to the short-term adjustment interventions...

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Zappos Case Analysis

Hsieh was even able to innovate the way he performed layoffs during the Fiscal Crisis in September, 2008. Due to the decrease in sales for shoes, he had to compensate the loss by letting go a significant chunk of his staff. Employees who were laid off were paid through the end of the year and received severance pay for one month for every year they worked. Even the remaining employees were given counseling to deal with the stress of the layoffs. He was applauded for his innovations by the employees...

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redundancy for survivor

helping them to find alternative employment or training opportunities elsewhere (Leopold, 2009). In order to avoid redundancies and mintage the negative of redundancies, high commitment workplaces prefer to option less harsh methods such as voluntary layoff instead of compulsory redundancy (Iverson, 2005). Although most of the services companies tend to adopt a high commitment approach for maintaining the most valuable assets of companies, employees also become primary costs that employers need to...

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Academic Advisor


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The Decision to Downsize a Company 1

Ciccotello, M. & Green, M. (1995, July) “Industry's Downsizing Lessons.” Government Executive, 27, 59-60 Connelly, J. (1994, November 28) “Have We Become Mad Dogs in the Office?” Fortune, 130, 197-9 Downs, A. (1995, October) “The Truth About Layoffs.” Management Review, 84, 57-61 Luthans B. & Sommer S. (1999, March) “The Impact of Downsizing on Workplace Attitude.” Group & Organization Management, 24(1), 46-70 Mishra A. (1994) “The Role of Mutual Trust in Effective Downsizing Strategies...

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Strategic and Operational Planning

It’s only if and when sales begin to decline when the operational costs will need to be cut. Effect on Stakeholders Unfortunately, regardless of the product acquisitions, sales and revenue have been down for Kellogg which is leading to a series of layoffs. Like any business, when revenue decreases, production has to equally decrease. Kellogg Co. said it would cut about 2,000 jobs, or 7% of its global workforce, over the next four years as part of a billion-dollar cost-cutting plan. Gasparro, A. (2013...

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