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1.2 Establish the level and type of support an individual needs for personal care To establish the level and type of support an individual needs I would ask the individual how much help they need, what they are comfortable with and anything they may be worried about. I would read the risk assessment, as it would give me information on my client’s ability to participate and highlight any possible risks. I would promote independence, encouraging active participation so that they feel in control of the amount of support they receive. An occupational therapist can help in advising on specialist equipment or changes to help the individual to be as independent as possible.

1.3 Agree with the individual how privacy will be maintained during personal care. Maintaining privacy during personal care should be discussed sensitively with the individual concerned. Different religions and cultures may have strong views on this and in order to avoid causing offence their wishes must be followed. Simply by closing doors, curtains or blinds, and knocking before entering a room can maintain high levels of privacy.

2.3 Explain how to report concerns about the safety and hygiene of equipment or facilities used for personal care Everyone who works with the equipment all has the responsibility to ensure that it is clean and working correctly and if it’s not then this all should be reported and fixed/cleaned before the next use. This is all part of the health and safety law. All electrical equipment must be tested to make sure it is working correctly and not going to cause any damage to anyone which could lead to death if an electrical fault does occur. If you notice that a piece of equipment is faulty or shouldn’t be in practise then this should be removed straight away and inform someone who can do something about it e.g. the maintenance team who will be able to fix the item or replace it. Equipment should be...
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