Err Assignment

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ERR Assignment

Task 1

Task 2

Question 1 (1.4)

3 sources of information on the current employment law would be:

Question 2 (2.1)

There are different aspects of the job which are listed on the job description, to allow staff to see exactly what kinds of things they’ll be doing within the job, to define the role. This means these jobs are required to be done by the worker in the contract of employment. Part of the contract of employment also states the amount of hours which are required by the employee per week. These hours must be met, and are put forward by the employer on a weekly rota. However, the employee is also entitled to holidays and bank holidays off work, once they have worked a certain amount of time, and a certain amount of hours. These must be discussed between the employer and employee, to agree which dates the employee wishes to have off work and when they will return to work.

Question 3 (2.2)

4 pieces of information that must be shown on your pay slip: Earnings before and after any deductions
Your name
Individual amount of any fixed deductions
Method of payment

Question 4 (2.3)

Grievance procedure flowchart

Question 5 (2.4)

2 changes to personal information you must report to your employer: Address

Question 6 (2.5)

5 agreed ways of working with your employer.

Dealing with conflict between colleagues
The agreed way of working with your employer to deal with conflict between colleagues would be to let the employer know, so they can deal with it in an appropriate way. Once the employer has been made aware of the situation, they can set up meetings with those involved, so they can calmly work things out, preventing things from getting out of hand in the workplace.

Health and safety
The employer must ensure that the environment and equipment etc. is safe for staff to use, to prevent injuries, but it is also the duty of the employee to raise awareness of anything unsafe, or equipment that may be broken, by telling the employer so they can have things repaired. This way, the employer and employee are working hand in hand to ensure the welfare of other staff members and also the service users.

Whistle blowing
An employee can report suspected wrongdoing at work to their employer, if they think someone is neglecting their duties, including: Someone’s health and safety is in danger
Damage to the environment
A criminal offence
The company isn’t obeying the law
Covering up wrongdoing

If the employee cannot tell their employer, then they can report their issue to a ‘prescribed person or body’ if they think their employer will cover it up, treat them unfairly if they have complained, or hasn’t sorted out the issue when they’ve already been told.

Lone working
Some staff carry out their work by working alone. For some employees, they may have to deal with situations which may cause them distress, injury, pain, and very rarely, death. Employers must then ensure that they have higher precautions above their normal health and safety assessments, so that lone workers are at no higher risk than other employees.

Data protection and confidentiality
It is the employers job to keep any information about employees, safely locked away and out of reach from anyone who is unauthorised to see it. They also have a duty to keep any complaints/issues etc. from staff, confidential, and not let anyone know about it, unless the member of staff wishes you to do so. It is also the employees job to keep information on clients in a safe place, and not leave things lying around for other people to see. This way, employers and employees are keeping all data on staff members and service users, protected.

Question 7 (3.1)

My role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided by my employer, by helping the elderly...
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