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Unit 1 Assignment
Understanding Employment Rights and Responsibilities
Contracted terms and conditions of employment
This is an agreement between me and my employer that states my duties and responsibilities within my work role, the conditions of my employment and my rights. The contract should include the name of my place of work, the amount of hours I am contracted to weekly and my hourly rate of pay. It should also explain what is expected from me whilst at work. Information that needs to be shown on payslip

Name and address of employee to show whose it is and that it is sent to the correct address. Hours worked and rate of pay to show you have been paid correctly for what you have worked. National insurance to prove you have the right to work in the u.k and are paying national insurance contributions. Tax contributions, net pay, employer number and tax code. All of this information is personal to the worker and shows how much you earn that month and so far for the tax year. The name and address insures it is your payslip and is sent to the correct person at that address. The tax code ensures you pay the correct amount of tax. Two changes to personal information you must report to employer Name for example if you get married and change your name and address if you move so your pay slip is sent to the correct address and any other correspondence your employer needs to send you i.e. training days. Procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a grievance at work If an employee, Client or Visitor has a grievance they should firstly try and discuss it with the Team Leader of the service to see if the issue can be resolved. If they feel as though the Team Leader has not been able to resolve the issue or has not dealt with it properly then the grievance should be put in writing to the Service Manager. If the grievance is put in writing then the line manager will confirm receipt of the grievance and arrange for the person bringing up the grievance to attend a...
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