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Miss smith
People who created support plan with me:
Chloe (support worker) and manager
I agree my support plan may be shared as needed to enable me to receive the support described. To be reviewed on:
Weekly until further notice
Important outcomes for the year:

Clients needs, abilities and wishes
Action/support required:
I Would like to learn to cook
Attend cooking sessions/aware of food safety
I would like to be able to do the weekly shop at local supermarket alone Planning and weekly visits

I have agreed to look for a cooking session I would like to attend. I will receive support to go with me to these cooking sessions. I will also be using her support hours to do the weekly food shop. Plan:

When carried out
I choose a cooking session

One week from date of care plan

Attend a food safety awareness course

I Have support at cooking session


Practice skills from cooking session in my home

Independent in attending cooking session

Independent in cooking at home

Miss Smith has made the plan with me and is aware of the stages which she must complete. Miss Smith is aware she will be going on a food safety awareness course and is also aware that it will be regularly updated with any changes. There is a feedback section for Miss Smith and care worker to fill out along the way or when they feel a step has been completed. This is an opportunity for Miss Smith to record any concerns or positives and the same for supporting staff. Agreed support:

Active participation
Weekly food shop
I will choose the day, the shop and what I would like to purchase. Cooking session
I will choose the cooking session and which ones I would like to attend.

This table below is a table produced by me and Chloe. It is agreed I will fill out one of these at the end of every cooking session and every weekly shop.

What went well/what did...
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