2015 Pits Assignment Question

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This assignment comprise of FOUR (4) questions consisting of spreadsheet, word processor, database, and slides. You may use other software aside from Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms Access, and Ms PowerPoint. However, note that the module specifically focuses on the four mentioned software both in lecture and in labs. Each question in each section has its own software application requirements. Read all of the questions carefully to fully understand the requirements before starting the assignment. This assignment is an INDIVIDUAL Assignment.

Learning Outcomes:

In conclusion, students should be able to:
Create a professional-looking documentation with sufficient coverage. Prepare a financial accounting spreadsheet with appropriate formulas, functions, formatting and charts. To create tables in a database, forms to enter data into the tables and a variety of queries to be performed based on the table. To create and design a set of presentation slides based on the facts gathered from a research. Understand the different applications of Microsoft Office towards easing problem solving methods in habitual corporate situations.


You have just started a small business of your own, selling three different brands of stationery. You have hired three employees, each in charge of selling a specific brand. Using the spreadsheet skills which you have acquired from your Practical IT Skills (PITS) class, you have decided to create a spreadsheet template. The template should only contain permanent data, functions, calculation, and information. Any data to be entered by the users based on monthly or day-to-day transaction are considered non-permanent (i.e. items bought from suppliers, items sold, etc…), and therefore should not be saved within the template. For every new month, the template is opened once and saved as a new workbook with a name corresponding to the month and year of the current time. The spreadsheet would help you keep track of your inventory, sales, and employees’ salary plus the commission every month.

The inventory sheet allows you to keep track of the number of items bought from the suppliers, the number of items sold and the number of items left to be sold. It also keeps record of the cost and selling price for each type of item.

The sales sheet allows your employees to enter the number of items they have sold, which would automatically update the inventory sheet. The data update is permissible to the each branded items only by the corresponding employees to avoid any uncalled-for mishaps.

The employees’ salary sheet allows you to keep track of each employee’s salary every month, along with their commission (5% per item sold). You have decided that the target sales revenue per employee is RM 1500 per month. If an employee has achieved the target, the commission rate is increased to 15% per item sold after the targeted amount. This worksheet keeps track of the items sold and the amount of revenue received by each employee, and automatically calculates the commission together with the monthly salary.

In addition, you want to analyze the sales revenue coming in, the cost for items and labor, and the profit expected (excluding the rent for the shop lot, utility bills, etc…).

The following are the things you should consider in your spreadsheet: 1. The main page consisting of your company name, company address, company contact details, company logo, and hyperlinks that would allow users to navigate to all the different sheets. All of the different sheets should also have a hyperlink that allows users to navigate back to the main page. [1 mark]

2. The inventory sheet, which should consist of the following (but not limited to): a. Product ID that is uniquely assigned to all items
b. Product description that describes the item
c. Number of each item bought from suppliers
d. Initial cost per item bought from suppliers
e. Selling...
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