COMP101 U1 IP Document

Topics: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Word processor Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Part 1
Name: ____________________________________________________________ Computer Make and Model: __________________________________________ Operating System: __________________________________________________ Printer Make and Model: ____________________________________________ Hard Disk Size: _____________________________________________________ Amount of Random Access Memory: ___________________________________ Part 2

Paragraph 1: Follow the directions that has been supplied in the Unit 1 Individual Project to modify this document by following each step in the directions carefully. Once you have completed all of the assigned modifications to this document, you will save the document to your hard drive and then submit it using the Submissions area on the AI:U Virtual Campus under the Unit 1 IP assignment. Paragraph 2: This document is created just so that you can make modifications to it. It have spelling and grammatical errors in it. By correcting these errors and manipulating the sentences and paragrphs following the directions for the Unit 1 IP assignment, you will learn how to do many of the most common types of operations in the Word program. Paragraph 3: Word, which is a word processing computer program and much more, are an extremely powerful and full-featured business and personal tool for creating documents of all kinds, and Word is studied in Unit’s 1 and 2 in this course. PowerPoint, which is a software product for preparing slides for personal or business presentation, will be studied in Unit 3. Excel, which is an automated spreadsheet, will be studied in Units 4 and 5. The ubiquitus computer have much power when used for purposes of creating, modifying, and storing documents, for tracking and storing data in spreadsheet form, and for making personal and business presentations to convay information or to persuade thinking of others. Those are the Office 2010 functions that are concerned in this course, called COMP101. Paragraph 4: Be sure that...
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