Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

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4)Disadvantagespg. 4
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Party Plates Executive Summary
Party Plates is currently using the information system identified as Microsoft Excel. While this is a great program and has been very useful for our business practices thus far, our team has collaborated upon a recommendation for the implementation of converting to the Microsoft Access database. To keep up with the current growth of our customer base, we know that this conversion is necessary. Microsoft Access assists employees to swiftly record and account for information with the ability of Microsoft Office Fluent user’s interaction with its design capabilities that do not necessitate intense database knowledge. The practice of creating a group within a group and then performing calculations are far more complicated in Excel. With Office Access, one has the ability to link tables to his or her database from other Access databases, Windows SharePoint Services sites, ODBC data sources, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and other data sources. One can then link tables easily to generate reports; thereby, one can base his or her decisions on a more inclusive set of information. Users are able to share data over the internet on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Databases are good for finding relationships in data. Spreadsheets are excellent when performing "what if" analysis and working with numbers.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Excel
Although Microsoft Excel is an acceptable platform for business, there are disadvantages to the program. When developing Microsoft Excel into a file, depending on the size, program execution...

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