Internal and External Needs

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Internal and External Information Needs fulfilled by

1. Microsoft Word (2007)
2. Microsoft Power Point (2007)
3. Microsoft Excel (2007)
4. Microsoft Access(2007)
Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a program developed by Microsoft Office system which can be used to create a new document such as a memo, letter or a report. It can modify documents that you or someone created. Its functions also include typing text, editing existing texts, formatting texts to add emphasis, clarify ideas, arranges texts attractively on a page, insertion of graphic tables and charts. It checks spelling and grammatical mistakes. It can create and modify web pages that you can display on the internet.

It is useful to the business organizations because it is capable of creating high-quality documents, work with enhanced reliability and security features, find commands and help with ease and organizes your time and communications. It can connect your documents to business information. Create dynamic Smart Documents that update themselves by connecting to your back-end systems using new document controls and data bindings. By using the new XML integration capability, organizations can deploy intelligent templates to assist in creating highly structured documents. This software facilitates both the needs of the internal and external users. Its limitations are that the suite is only backward compatible and some spelling errors occur if the English language is not specifically chosen for a particular country.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is a presentation program developed by Microsoft Office system. It uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slideshows that accompany oral delivery of the topic. It enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow and ways to easily share information. From the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface to the new graphics and formatting capabilities, Office PowerPoint 2007 puts the control in your hands to create great-looking presentations. Also, create document-handling processes, help users collaborate through portals and workspaces, and connect users to information in enterprise business systems. This program is widely used in business and is an effective tool when used for training purposes. It is limited in that it is not used in the day to day running of the business and for the fact that it is presentation oriented.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is an Electronic Spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft Office system. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 adds the capability to publish worksheets to Office SharePoint Server 2007 or to the Web while maintaining full fidelity. A central repository for reports and spreadsheet data helps ensure that all users have access to the same version of critical business information. The user who publishes the worksheet can control access to the information by defining what data is visible to others in Report Center and defining which cells can be edited by other users. It allows one to enter numerical values or data in Rows and Columns of a spreadsheet and to use these numerical entries for such things as calculations and graphs and statistical analysis. Spreadsheets are used by both internal and external parties in the making of sound business decisions and /or investments. It is limited in the fact that as much as data can be stored it is very tedious retrieving information across the board for reports, queries etc. Microsoft Office Access 2007 is a database program developed by Microsoft Office system. Microsoft Access database is available with the Microsoft Office Professional suite of business products therefore no additional database software is required if your company purchases computers with this suite of products already installed. It is likely to be available and supported for years to come because Microsoft is the premier software company in the world. It is the most widely used...
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