2_25A MUHSA Video - The Law of Falling Bodies

Topics: Gravitation, Moon, Velocity Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: October 8, 2013
2.25A MUHSA Video
"The Law of Falling Bodies"
The answers are in red
1. The video introduces one of the "deepest mysteries in all of physics." The deepest mystery in all of physics is that in a vacuum all bodies fall with the same constant acceleration. 2. In the next sequence, we see a person diving from a board and a leaf falling from a tree. It is stated that the speed of a falling body increases as it falls. If the statement concerning falling bodies is true, then why does the leaf seem to fall so much more slowly than the diver? The leaf seems to fall much more slowly because it has less mass then the diver which causes the leaf to have smaller gravitational pull on it. The leaf also has a larger surface area then the diver which causes air resistance as it falls. 3. Watch the sequence showing the falling penny and feather in a vacuum. Mark the following statements true (T) or false (F). A. Both objects fall with the same constant speed. True

B. Both objects fall with the same constant acceleration. True C. In a vacuum, the force of gravity is "turned off." False
4. Watch the sequence showing David Scott, Apollo 15 astronaut, on the moon. A. Describe the motion of the hammer and feather when David Scott dropped them on the moon. When the hammer and feather fell they both fell at the same speed and same acceleration. In the end both landed the same time, but both fell slowly. B. Would the hammer and feather fall differently if David Scott did the same experiment on earth? Explain. If David Scott did the same experiment on Earth, the hammer and the feather would fall at different times, acceleration, and constant speeds. In the end the hammer would land first because of its larger mass that cuts through the air resistance easier. C. Hold a shoe about head high. Drop the shoe just as David Scott drops the hammer and feather. Which hits the ground first (your shoe or the items dropped on the moon)? Explain your answer. My shoe hit the...
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