‘the 1911 Revolution Was in Fact a Failure.’ Do You Agree?

Topics: Warlord, Yuan Shikai, Democracy Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 6, 2010
I agree that the 1911 Revolution was in fact a failure. Although it succeeded in overthrowing the dynastic system and set up a republic, it was incomplete in which that it failed to solve China’s internal and external problems. China was still weak. It did not lead to prosperity and strength that Sun had hoped for. ‘Failure’ refers to when something does not work, or stops working as well as it should / in other words cannot achieve the desired results / goals. The 1911 Revolution only modernized the political system of China

Fail to achieve the other two goals of ‘Three People’s Principles’ They are: Principals of democracy and socialism
Fail in building up real democracy and political and social stability in China Internally
Yuan Shikai became the first president of the new republic in 1912 •Yuan can force his will on the people
Yuan attempted to restore monarchy in 1916 but failed due to the rising and expansion of the Campaign to Defend the Republic started by Sun •Struggles between Yuan and the revolutionaries during 1912-1916 •However Yuan’s death in 1916 led to the rise of warlords and the warlord era began from 1916 to 1928 •No strong central government to maintain law and order

Wars broke out between warlords were frequent
Which was the darkest period in the history in modern China Fail to improve people’s livelihood
The government did not provide socio-economic reforms which was most needed at that time Economic backwardness
Warlords impose heavy taxes on peasants and forced them to join the army •People still suffer a lot more
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