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Dutch Republic In 1650 the Dutch Republic had become a commercial, financial, and naval powerhouse, which led to other European nations recognizing it as the banking and trading center of Europe. Leading to its commercial success was the monopoly on trade routes in the North Sea. However during the 17th and 18th centuries the Dutch Republic began to decline due to their loss of control in the North and Atlantic Seas and the significant loss of manpower due to European wars. This led to an overall...

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Australian Republic Debate - Negative

Australia should cut all ties with the British Monarchy and become a Republic – Negative Australia should not detach itself from the British Monarchy and become a republic. In doing so, Australia will abolish its constitutional monarchy system of government that has worked exceptionally well for it and its people. Australia does not need to prove its independence by becoming a republic. On top of this, a republic is a useless change for Australia, and in becoming one, many concerns and issues...

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Should Australia Become a Republic?

I believe that Australia should not become a republic. I think that there would be no point in becoming a republic, because we live without the intervention of the Queen at the moment, so becoming a republic would achieve nothing. If we were to become a republic, we would lose the support of England in times of war, famine or other disaster. I think that becoming a republic would achieve nothing, lose our links with England and waste the parliament's time when they should be concerned with more important...

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Republic: Communication and Home School

Republic Day Celebration The Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India on 26 January 1950.[1] The date 26 January was chosen to honour the memory of the declaration of independence of 1930. It i... Premium1452 Words6 Pages Republic Day Republic Day (India) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia |Republic Day | |[pic] | |Soldiers of the Madras Regiment during the annual...

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Comparing the Republic to the Modern Society

The relevance of The Republic to our modern society In Plato’s The Republic, Plato illustrates what his ideal city would look like. He describes the educational systems, ideal legislators and the purposes of democracy. The republic influenced many people to understand the purpose for democracy, and it led to new philosophical schools of thought. Although this work was written hundreds of years ago, it still affects our modern world today. One of the most important things that Plato stresses is...

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The Prince vs. the Republic

Machiavelli's criticism of Plato's The Republic states that a ruler who possesses an inherent quality of that which is consistently good will never have the authority to rule his or her people successfully. If a ruler always treats his subjects in a manner, which can be qualified as good, then he will ultimately meet his demise, as his subjects will rise against him. Machiavelli claims that it is unrealistic to assume that all the people of a kingdom will conduct themselves in a manner that will...

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Riley: Republic and French Revolution

countries, which means that they had different cultures and were different in a lot of ways. The Americans planned their revolution for many years and continued with economic, and military help from the French. Once the revolution was over, they were a republic and signed the treaty in Paris. When the French return to France they realize that they don’t have the freedom America does and they helped them fight for it. So, the French started planning their own revolution. The American Revolution was about...

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Federal VS republic

Central government also works alongside agencies to help with tax collection. Republican form of government is a political order that was lead by a president. Citizens of the country have the rights to choose their leader through elections. Usually republics are composed by three branches of government: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. The Executive branch is composed of the President and the Vice President who are elected by direct popular vote and serve a term of six years. The Constitution...

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The Republic: The Noble Lie

Christopher Behrens The Nobility of a Lie Frederick Nietzsche once wrote that the “untruth, [or lie], is a condition of life.”At least in terms of creating a stable society, Socrates would seem to agree. In The Republic, Socrates points out that civilization is most prone to instability when founded on what he calls a“noble lie.”The lie which, despite its falsehood, serves for the good of society. His noble lie can be broken into two parts: a justification on why the lie applies to all of a society's...

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Roman Republic, Athenian Democracy and the United States

Roman Republic/ Athenian Democracy and the United States Throughout history there have been several government structures that govern the people of the state, some ran differently, but maybe similar as well. There is a fine line between a democracy and a republic although there are some similarities. In a democracy, the citizens are their own form of government, all having equal say. In a republic, citizens still have high power but use that power to elect representatives to govern the state. I...

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