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  • Republic Day

    came into force on the 26th January 1950. According to it India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Since then the 26th January in every year is observed as our Republic day. Republic means a state having a Government of the people‚ by the people and for the people. People are the real function-head of all power. So‚ the Republic Da is so sacred for us. We should every year observe our Republic Day with all sincerity on the 26th January. Because this observance will remind us of our sacred

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  • Dutch Republic

    Dutch Republic In 1650 the Dutch Republic had become a commercial‚ financial‚ and naval powerhouse‚ which led to other European nations recognizing it as the banking and trading center of Europe. Leading to its commercial success was the monopoly on trade routes in the North Sea. However during the 17th and 18th centuries the Dutch Republic began to decline due to their loss of control in the North and Atlantic Seas and the significant loss of manpower due to European wars. This led to an overall

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  • republic day

    seniors here. I thank you for selecting me to participate in this Republic Day speech for children competition. 26th January is called the Republic Day. In 1950‚ on this day our constitution came to effect. We became free from British rule in 1947. However‚ we did not become completely self-ruled then which is called a sovereign state. We became a sovereign state only in 1950. We also decided to make our country a republic. A republic country has no king or queen. Everyone is king or queen there. Everyone

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  • True Republic?

    Is the Philippines a “true’’ Republic with the Postulates of Republicanism? As stated in the 1987 Constitution‚ "The Philippines is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them”‚ with this simple statement‚ I am positive that the Philippines is really a republican state. It is evident that the manifestations of the 4 postulates of republicanism among the government are the basis why the Philippines is a republican state.

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  • the republic of plato

    The Republic of Plato Before I started reading Plato’s the Republic‚ I was loathe to admit that reading those philosophy books were gonna really change how I view myself. It was totally a waste of time to read these vague and complicated books. As I went on reading the republic‚ I saw many similar things that still existed in our society. In the book‚ Plato prescribes severe dictates concerning the cultural life of the city. He rules out all poverty‚ with the exception of hymns to the gods and

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  • Plato's Republic

    In Plato’s Republic‚ “Socrates” explains art as nothing more than imitation‚ as evidenced in the bed example‚ which begins on page 30 and establishes the perfect or heavenly bed as the original‚ a carpenter’s rendering of a bed is an imitation‚ and a painting of that bed as an imitation of an imitation. “Socrates” goes on to say that if one has the power of creating an actual bed‚ there would be no reason for one to imitate the bed in art. Therefore‚ art‚ as a form of imitation‚ is inferior‚ and

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  • Dutch Republic Dbq

    During the mid 17th century‚ the Dutch Republic enjoyed a booming economy‚ dominance in the shipbuilding industry‚ and European recognition as a dominant nation. They held most trading routes in the Baltic area‚ and the position to carry most trade goods between countries. However‚ during the late 17th and early 18th century‚ the Dutch Republic encountered a stumbling decline which led to their loss in the monopoly in Baltic and Atlantic trade‚ and many men due to European wars. The Dutch declined

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  • Monarchy vs Republic

    Essay # 1 The question of monarchy versus republic is mostly discussed from a highly emotional rather than a rational point of view. A few undignified occupants of royal thrones are enumerated‚ and are then presented as examples of monarchy as such. The defenders of monarchy are no better. They point to corrupt professional politicians‚ of whom there exist a sufficient number‚ and claim that this is the necessary consequence of a republican constitution. Neither is a rational argument. There have

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  • The Prince vs. the Republic

    Machiavelli’s criticism of Plato’s The Republic states that a ruler who possesses an inherent quality of that which is consistently good will never have the authority to rule his or her people successfully. If a ruler always treats his subjects in a manner‚ which can be qualified as good‚ then he will ultimately meet his demise‚ as his subjects will rise against him. Machiavelli claims that it is unrealistic to assume that all the people of a kingdom will conduct themselves in a manner that will

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  • Leadership In Plato's Republic

    In Plato’s Republic‚ Socrates outlines the ideal society‚ complete with workers to perform labor‚ auxiliaries to perform the military duties‚ and the guardians—or rulers—to set the laws of the state. The rulers‚ Socrates argues‚ are to be selected by their elders and groomed from a young age to assume positions of power. “…We must choose from among our guardians‚” he states‚ “those who appear to us on observation to be most likely to devote their lives to doing what they judge to be in the interest

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