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estimated cost of £202 million a year the British monarchy is the most expensive in Europe and is more than double the cost of the Dutch monarchy. £202.4 million is equivalent to the cost of 9,560 nurses, 8,200 police officers and more than the total annual Ministry of Defence spending on food (Royal Finances, 2012). What we really have to question is, is it worth it? What do we, as British citizens, gain from paying for such an expensive monarchy when the money could be spent on nursing, policing...

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The Rise of Monarchies

New Monarchies Essay A new monarchy brings power to the royal family. It does this in many ways. A new monarchy reduces the power of nobility, and confiscates land from the nobles that are on "their" land. They also impose taxes and tariffs on whatever they want. A new monarchy will also create standing armies and hire mercenaries to protect their land and to grow their empire. Basically a new monarchy wants to bring money, power, and control to the royal family that is in rule. An example...

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New Monarchies

New Monarchies, which were very powerful centralized governments with unified inhabitants, start emerging in the mid-15th century. Factors responsible for this advance were the vast demographic and economic growth. Before these New Monarchies were formed there were many changes the new monarchs had to make: including weakening powerful rivals, increasing revenue, unifying the country, and strengthening the power of the king and his bureaucracy. Three countries successful in strengthening themselves...

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The New Monarchy Plan

There was nothing new about the New Monarchy, 1492-1516. Assess the validity of this view. Introduction: A debate as to whether Ferdinand and Isabella followed the medieval principles of monarchy – peripatetic, dispensing justice, warrior kings OR whether they introduced a new style of monarchy. New Monarchy Argument: Securing an Erastian Relationship: rebuild their relationship with the papacy > Pope’s agreement, in 1486, that the Crown would exercise a ´Patronato´ over all ecclesiastical benefices...

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Democratic Government and Monarchy

Democratic Government and Monarchy The types of system of government Democracy and Monarchy are different from each other. The actual founder of the modern democracy was John Locke, who argued with Thomas Hobbes, the one who believed that one person king or queen should rule. Government has been an issue throughout time. Many different governments have been established, demolished and replaced over the time, but the question is which one is better? In democracy they give the people more freedom...

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Japan Monarchy

The Japanese monarchy is one of the oldest monarchies in the world, and as of today it is a constitutional monarchy. In modern-day Japan, the monarchy is, according to the constitution of Japan, ‘a symbol of the state and unity of the people’. Unlike China, Japan, at least officially, has had only one dynasty since the beginning of time (Beasley, 1999). There is a pattern followed in China’s where each dynasty has a stage of empire building, a stage of power or glory, and finally, a stage of decline...

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The Canadian Monarchy

More attention needs to be on the part that Monarchies have played regarding the evolution of Canadian democracy. Many Canadians tend to forget the importance of the Crown, though they are not to blame as it is a subject hardly heard of or spoken about in school curricula and media outlets. For five centuries, the Crown has been a symbol of strength in Canada. With an extremely stable and responsible government, the Crown’s involvement is disregarded and forgotten. According to many polls, majority...

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Absolute Monarchy

earliest civilizations were absolute monarchies, but today they seem to have disappeared. In an absolute monarchy, the ruler, or king, can do as they want, while the people have to follow all orders the king gives. The subjects, or people being ruled, in an absolute monarchy usually fear punishments from their leader. Leaders in an absolute monarchy have all the power, while the people have none. A Leader’s Capabilities A leader can do as they please in a monarchy. According to the Newsela article...

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Constitutional Monarchy

Constitutional Monarchy With the development of the society, the people’s minds have changed. During these years, people discuss a topic about abolishing constitutional monarchy. As for this question, voters choose whether to keep the King or not at parliament every day. Constitutional monarchy is a kind of political institution in which the king is regarded as head of the state, but he does not have political rights. He nominates premier and the premier manages the government. There are many countries...

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Renaissance: Monarchy and Middle Class

AP Euro *Using examples from at least two different states, analyze the key features of the “new monarchies” and the factors responsible for their rise in the period 1450 to 1550. The Renaissance was a time of revival of ancient thought mixed with new intellectual expressions. However, some areas were experiencing unfortunate setbacks in flourishing during this time. The 100 Years’ war was a war that weakened and depopulated France. The War of Roses was a civil war that created...

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