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Proposed Thesis Title: Informatics College Caloocan Online Payroll System The proponent would like to ask your approval of his study entitled “Informatics College Caloocan Online Payroll System”. Employees of Informatics and the payroll master experienced some trouble regarding the releasing of the check of employees. At present, the time summary of the employee’s attendance is being printed and manually checked by the payroll master to determine the total hours work as basis for the computation of their salary. As I interview the persons affected by the manual computation of salary. I found out that the process consumes a lot of time and doesn’t always go without errors. Sometimes, employees approach the payroll master to complain about certain discrepancies in the computation of their salary. The system will compute the employee’s salary, accurately and efficiently. Employees can check all the details of their salary through the internet; the Accountant on the other hand could prepare the payroll even on a remote basis. Also the system allows the Human Resources Department to add, view and update the employee’s information through internet. The Manager will have access to view his employee(s) information. 

I do hope that this merits your approval.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Daryl R. Lucena

Approved by:
Roberto Guinto

Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
The first chapter presents the problems of the current system and an analysis on how to resolve the different problems that yields to make a new system. Introduction:
The Accounting Department who is in charge of computing the salary of the employees of the company is always blamed by most employees for the late release of their payroll. They also sometimes complain about the wrong computation of their salary. The payroll computation starts with determining the total number of hours a person has worked based from the printout of his/her log in and out data which is recorded in the biometric system located at services section. It is then compared with the schedule of the employee as the basis to determine the total hours work per day then sum it up manually to compute the total working hours per pay day. On the basis of what is stipulated in the employee contract as their rate per hour, the accountant then compute for the salary of employees. After the salary is computed the accountant prepares the checks for each employee and endorses it to the main office for signing. It will then be returned to the branch to be distributed to the employees. However, there will be instances that some errors may arise due to the manual process of computing and might lead in doing the same process all over again. After learning the problem of the employees and that of the accountant, the proponent now proposes a system to the company which will help prevent further inconveniences. The system will compute for the total working hours of each employee and the data will be saved in a certain database linked to the accounting system that generates the salary of the employees. The company will surely benefit from the system, not only that it will make the computation faster and accurate. It will also assure the employees that they will be getting their salary on time.

Significance of the Study:
Based on the problem faced by the employees against the study made by the proponent he finds the proposed system beneficial to the following:

* Human Resource
* To easily update the employee(s) information.
* To reduce the time in organizing the employee(s) information. * Accountant
* To lessen the time spent in computing the employee(s) salaries. * Manager
* To effectively monitor the employee(s) information and logs. * To use the immediately-available data as basis for regularization or promotion of an employee.

* Employee
* Can be assured that they will...
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