The Seven Phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle

Topics: Software testing, Payroll, System Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: March 21, 2013

Firstly the purpose of this system is to help Turnshop to solve it problem in the running of it accounting department which the whole company relies on it, so that they can have accurate, reliable and fast processing of their payroll system in the company. For now the payroll system of the company is process manually and since there are 2000 employees and more actives of the company it make it very hard and tedious to accomplish this task in the company, it also cause a high room for errors, overtime, resources and money and it will help the company a lot if they have a computerized payroll system (CPS). PlANNING

The cost of the computerized payroll system (CPS) is about 50,000 Ghana cedis.since we will install a two new severs for them to handle most of most of their data, one of the sever will act as a recovery and the other works as the main. And also the cost will include a free demonstration and practical tutorial for the accounting staff in TURNSHOP as well with three (3) months training using the computerized payroll system (CPS).we will help during the period of transition. It will be a user friendly and easy to install and use. 1. Since the company already has some hardware requirements already this can be use for the computerized payroll system(CPS) ,so we only need to install the software on the computers and laptops in the company and link them to the sever. SAP solutions will be installed to provide the company-wide accessibility so that they can accelerate an accurate financial closing cycle at any level. This will provide the business management solutions through the financial record of the employees and the management of finance in the company such The Detailed Employee List contains all the pay, deduction, benefit, state, And local tax codes, and monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals for each Employee. The report also provides...
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