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Information System is processing of information received and transmitted to produce an efficient and effective process. One of the most typical information systems is the Transaction Processing System. Transaction Processing System collects, stores, modifies, and retrieves the transactions of a certain organization. The process of retrieving, modifying and transmitting data to be stored using information system is referred to as transaction. Transactions occur is known to be a part of records. All of these records were originally kept in paper. When a certain organization uses a certain transaction processing system, retrieving and transmitting of information will be available at anytime needed. The number and volume of transactions can be calculated for a given time period. Payroll System is complete Payroll software right from Employees Personal Information, Pay Structure, Loans, Reimbursement, Pay Slip Generation & Printing, Salary Register, P.F., E.S.I., Profession Tax, Income Tax, and L.I.C. Reports etc. Added to the above reports, standard formats for annual submissions of PF, E.S.I., and P.T. are also generated automatically. This software can be used by Industrial units, Distribution Agencies, Departmental Stores, Consultants, Business Houses and Contractors Etc. The developers of the package follow a predefined pattern so that the user has the ease of use and can utilize the package to its fullest extent. Care has been taken so that the software is as much user friendly as possible and any suggestions on improvements in this regard are welcome. The use of this package is a must for personnel departments in various Industrial houses since it will help in reducing monotonous manual labour and produce accurate results for salary and related calculations.

Payroll System with Time keeping and Fingerprint
refers to the records - paper or electronic - and calculations that you make to work out your employees' pay and deductions under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. It's essential to a business or company that you pay your employees the right amount and on time - and that you make the correct deductions. So keeping accurate payroll records is really important. Now a day, Manual System is replaced into more advance and modern technology, just like the Manual Payroll System where the accountant, computes or process employees salaries through calculator. The way of saving files and important documents are only filed in filing cabinets that may cause loss of files when large amount of data are being received. In addition, it is not secured. And in fact, most accountant, uses same software of Microsoft office especially MS Excel. And with the use of this proposed system, a new and more advance Payroll System may be produced which can provide data security, prevent loss of data and redundancy and easier to access, accurate and faster to use.

Project Objectives

The Software engineering course that we took this semester placed emphasis on the paradigm of extreme Programming (XP) techniques. Extreme programming is a programming technique that bases its values on simplicity, communication, feedback and courage. It encourages team work and constant communication with the client. The objective of this project is to put into practice the teachings that we have learnt about XP.


When we were first given this project, we met to determine how we were to carry out the task assigned to us. We drew up a time-line, discussed about the programming language to use to carry out the task, how the GUI would look like and also to make sure that we understood what was assigned to us. We finally settled for Visual Basic (VB) as our programming language. We got more information on what we were to do and set about completing our task, making use of the new ideas taught in class, and especially spikes.


Our task was to develop a payroll system that would keep a record of employee...
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